Understanding the scale of construction’s rework problem

      The costs of error and rework are estimated to be as much as 30% of project costs by some experts. This could mean the industry is wasting hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

      Webinar: Accelerating data centre construction with Augmented Reality

      The technology landscape is changing at an ever-increasing speed. Construction technology continues to rapidly evolve and drive forward the industry to become safer, cheaper and quicker.

      Technology can help contractors avoid disputes and eliminate rework

      Rework and disputes in construction cost time, money and effort. Joe Hughes at XYZ Reality explores how a proactive approach can manage and mitigate rework, and avoid costly disputes. 

      Advanced technology: The key to subcontractor quality assurance

      How XYZ Reality’s Engineering-Grade Augmented Reality headset, the Atom, enables superior on-site accuracy, eliminating rework and driving quality assurance for subcontractors.

      It’s time construction started prioritising value

      Stephen Webb, Field Application Manager at XYZ Reality, writes about the challenges the construction sector faces and the value that can be delivered through a sensible approach to digital adoption.  

      Why efficiency in construction is more important than ever

      After three turbulent years, we explore how the industry is adapting to change.

      How advanced technology is improving on-site safety in construction

      Helping contractors work more efficiently and effectively within regulatory guidelines, advanced technology holds the key to safety in construction.

      Laser scanning is costing your construction project money. Here’s why

      Laser scanning has the potential to streamline many aspects of quality management in construction. But does it approach validation and remediation from the wrong perspective? (YES!) 

      Repurposed technology in construction: Why it doesn’t work

      To close the productivity gap, construction must turn to ‘construction-first’ digital solutions, developed by those who have a complete understanding of the sector’s challenges and inefficiencies. 

      Solving the construction rework problem: How to prevent errors

      The Get It Right Initiative estimates that 21% of UK construction project value is wasted on rework. A new way of looking at mistakes holds the key to fixing the problem.

      Cutting edge, not cutting corners

      John McLoughlin, Chartered Engineer and Associate Director at Cundall, writes about how XYZ Reality’s Engineering-Grade Augmented Reality headset, The Atom, is helping site teams unlock the full potential of hyperscale 3D models.

      The TIP roadmap to 2030 removes the barriers to innovation

      The new Transforming Infrastructure Performance (TIP) Roadmap to 2030 gives a new boost to the transformation of construction that is underway in the UK.

      Working towards a more sustainable construction sector

      Last year, COP 26 drew all eyes on the UK as world leaders and sustainability experts came together to plot out a renewed strategy for a greener future.

      Transforming Infrastructure – The IPA 2030 Roadmap

      The TIP Roadmap to 2030 lays out a vision for a more effective and more efficient built environment and highlights how digital technology can have a transformative impact on the construction industry.

      London Calling: It’s all in the Data

      Over the last decade, we’ve seen a rapid rise in the number of ‘mission critical’ projects receiving planning consent, with shovels regularly going into the ground across the UK to deliver these essential pieces of infrastructure.

      A Favourable Forecast for 2022

      Whilst many in the construction industry will no doubt be disappointed with the way 2021 culminated, with supply chain issues, labour shortages and the Omicron variant exacting their toll on sector performance, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic going into 2022 and beyond.