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Pharmaceutical Construction

When the approach to construction leaves no room for error

The global pharmaceutical industry is booming, with ground-breaking levels of investment and an unprecedented upsurge of construction projects. At XYZ we work closely with owners, contractors, and subcontractors to ensure the highest standards of construction are met when delivering pharmaceutical facilities.

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8X ROI Delivered
On a $150m Pharma Project

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Saved already at 60% complete


early issues and discrepancies identified

2 month 

reduction in project schedule

accelerate pharmaceutical construction


enable superior
onsite accuracy

Accurately inspect and validate every phase of the construction of your pharma facility.


Meet the growing
technical demand

Remove reactive onsite processes and enable proactive verification of works.



Enable unmatched visibility and transparency of data throughout your entire site.

Project efficiency
for PM Group

Project delivery specialists, PM Group deployed Engineering Grade Augmented Reality to avoid rework and delays on a complex data center project in Denmark. The Atom delivered 9X ROI.


"It is a gamechanger. It helps us with constructability, it helps us build safer and fast. I think it’s going to be a massive win for the project, and for the industry as a whole. It’s the future and we’re delighted to have XYZ on board."

Paschal McErlean ,Construction Manager, PM Group.
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Engineering Grade AR

Take construction BIM into the field

The most powerful AR engineering tool can help you build your Pharma project right, first time.

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Improve your Pharma build process

Deploy state-of-the-art technology on your Pharmaceutical construction project lead the way XYZ as your trusted partner.