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Project Controls Software


This is not reality capture or just another dashboard
This is true real-time Project Controls

Delivering data center construction with
a new standard of project controls

Our field engineers conduct quality inspections and track build progress linked to the schedule, right down to the smallest details. All data syncs instantly, providing an accurate real-time view of the health of all your projects, from a single project controls platform, accessible anywhere.


your project

Instantly understand what has been installed and verify quality in real-time. Minimize risks and enable confident, informed decision-making so you can manage your project schedule.

Set out

Doing the work
for you

User-friendly dashboards that don't sacrifice the important details provide essential insights to ensure project success, allowing you more time to focus on delivery.



Remove the need for costly third-party consultants, reduce EOTs, eliminate rework, and proactively manages resources all from one powerful solution. Take charge of your success now.

Concrete edge

XYZ have changed the way we work. These are insights we have just never had before. The detail is incredible with actual real-time information. It has eliminated guesswork from our entire process and empowered our teams. Now everyone can make informed decisions.

Director, Global Data Center Asset Owner

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4D analysis

Comprehensive, accurate, and objective data, all linked to your BIM and schedule, all centralized in one project controls platform, gives owners complete control like never before.

XYZ Critical path management software

Critical path

Prioritize resources and accelerate activity to ensure you stay on schedule. Understand the detail of your projects right down to the packages, contractors, and key milestones.

XYZ BIM model Linked to P6 Schedule


Validate the quality of real-world installations against the as-designed model aligned and linked to the schedule so you can plan, forecast and deliver on time, every time.

XYZ Controls dashboard detailed view


Ensure your workforce is optimized to actual onsite requirements. Know when to ramp up activity. Build more, faster, and to a higher quality through accurate forecasting and planning.

Extension of time fines and liquidated damages

The new EOT:
Everything on Time

Accurate and proactive project planning, efficient management, and open communication fueled by real-time data eliminate 'Extensions of Time' and prevent wasted operational costs, guaranteeing your project's financial success.

9X ROI Delivered
On a $400m Mission Critical Data Center Project

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project completion and 9x ROI delivered 


early issues identified and rectified

6 month 

reduction in project handover

20 days 

saved at project handover

Now you can make
informed decisions

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Onsite Progress Tracking using Augmented Reality

Accurate Data

Eliminating all guesswork XYZ's field engineers track the quality and progress of your project directly from site, delivering an objective view of your build.

Asset owner and general contractors review XYZ Project controls dashboard on a tablet

All teams
On the same page

Drive performance through a unified process of collecting, reporting, and visualizing data in one platform, accessible from anywhere. So you can keep your entire project team aligned and on track.

See the progress
in front of your eyes

Onsite progress tracking using holograms with XYZ


Engineering Grade AR™ enables teams to inspect the quality and completion of installations against the schedule providing the most accurate view of what has actually been built onsite.

XYZ BIM model enabled progress tracking

model enabled 

Being able to view the progress of your packages in 3D, perfectly synced with your schedule provides a comprehensive understanding of your construction project's current status and position.