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Real-time quality inspections

you can avoid issues before they happen

Bring 3D models onsite with millimeter accuracy to detect clashes and eliminate rework

Catch deviations from design at the lowest possible value stage

Identify potential issues weeks, if not months, prior to the scheduled activity, rendering traditional QC methods like laser scanning obsolete.



Validate works before, during or after installations. Catch errors before teams invest valuable time, labor, costs, and materials into preventable issues.

Set out

sequencing errors

Ensure that elements are installed in the correct order, safeguarding your bottom line and RFS dates by eliminating rework caused by sequencing errors.



Reduce rework to less than 1% by proactively resolving errors at an early stage or preventing them altogether, before costs spiral.

model updates in the field

model updates

With active model coordination, changes are seamlessly synced, ensuring instant reflection in the field and eliminating any design uncertainties.

Ground beam set out error

Detect and correct issues
in their infancy

You'll effortlessly detect deviations, pinpoint the elements in question, generate a field issue, and assign next steps - all in real-time.



Verify the current and upcoming layers of work against the as-built conditions. Proactively plan the next sequence clash-free.

Embrace a process change for big gains

The truth of today is that the entire quality process is reactive. If you change the process to drive deeper checks pre installation using the model, there is a huge opportunity to avoid masses of rework, save huge amount of man hours and ultimately deliver your project a lot faster.

Build to the 
highest standards

Issues in detail

Issues with
incredible detail

Log issues directly onto BIM with precise locations and detailed descriptions. Attach photos, videos, and tag the chain of command instantly.

Live Stream


Live stream from the Atom worldwide, presenting as-built with as-designed overlays for real-time collaboration and design issue resolution.

Set out

Set out
and install

Achieve ultimate accuracy to confidently position any element prior to installation, mitigating risks throughout your construction processes.

Factory witness testing

Prefab and factory
witness testing

Guarantee the precision and excellence of prefabricated elements prior to shipment for on-site installation.

Deliver your projects
on time every time


Find out how you can track progress in real time linked to your schedule


Take back controls of your construction project with our comprehensive solution

Grade AR

Take BIM onsite to and position your models to mm accuracy