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XYZ for Owners

De-risk your entire portfolio and maximize operational revenue

Complete visibility of your projects, capturing all construction activities to drive program surety

Unite your on-site teams and manage them
from anywhere in the world on one platform

Project Controls and BIM


Accelerate your schedule with real-time progress tracking and proactive tech for confident, design-aligned builds.


Build with

Drive program surety, manage your supply chain, and reduce project risks with real-time data that puts you in control.


Build it

Standardize reporting, empower teams for top-quality builds, protect RFS days, prevent delays, and maximize revenue.

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informed decisions

Accurate and timely data fuels informed decision-making and boosts confidence, allowing you to know the exact status of every project in your portfolio.

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Manage your
supply chain

Communicate with your supply chain like never before with unparalleled access to the project performance from the comfort of your office or anywhere in the world.

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your margins

Accelerate dispute resolution, deliver ahead of schedule, and protect your profits from the impact of EOTs, change orders, LDs, and rework.


"We have been able to ramp activity
and accelerate projects like never before"

Director, Global Data Center Owner

Home FAE background

Give us your model and schedule. 
we'll give you program surety:

1. Discuss your projects with us

2. Work with us to create a customized plan

3. Deploy XYZ on your sites

4. Deliver your projects ahead of schedule

Award winning construction technology:

Digital Construction award
Data Center Dynamics Award Winner
Construction computing awards
New Civil Engineer best use of tech
Winner AR VR on Construction Project