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3 Ways to Optimize Data Center Construction and Improve Efficiency

Data center construction

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According to studies, the US has the highest number of data centers in the world, followed by Germany and the UK. The worldwide demand for data centers is increasing by the day.

This ever-growing need begs the question: How can construction companies optimize data center construction to support performance and keep up with demand? This article will look at the importance of efficiency in construction and review three ways companies can better optimize their processes.

What is efficiency in construction and why is it important?

Whether it be a process, system or device, efficiency is when something maximizes the output while minimizing the amount of wasted input. In business and construction, this means a higher degree of productivity and a minimized amount of wasted resources. In other words, how well are resources being used to complete a project?

In construction, whether it’s residential buildings or large-scale data centers, efficient projects are:

  • Quality builds that meet the client’s expectations
  • Delivered on time
  • Completed within the budget

Construction efficiency is critical for any construction project and business overall. An efficient construction process ensures that labor, materials, and time are utilized in a manner that maximizes productivity and reduces waste.

Efficiency aids profitability

For construction businesses, efficiency isn’t just about bragging rights – it affects the bottom line. A streamlined process means a better reputation in the market and the ability to take on more projects.

However, according to research from our Constructing Tomorrow Report, many construction teams are facing inefficiencies that are hindering their ability to complete projects on time.

Data collected from over 500 leaders in the UK and US construction industry showed that 99% of respondents delivered projects beyond the deadline, with issues such as design changes, rework, poor communication and labor shortages being some contributing factors.

With data centers on the rise, big tech companies are looking for construction teams to build facilities and what better way to be known than as the company that gets projects done well and on time?

Improved productivity and efficiency mean a better reputation and more projects as a result.

Increased efficiency also benefits the environment

In the era of sustainable practices, efficiency also means minimizing environmental impact. By streamlining processes, businesses don’t just finish projects on time and within the budget, but also help to create more sustainable and environmentally-friendly construction.

An optimized building process means construction workers and equipment spend less time onsite and less time pumping emissions into the environment.

How to optimize data center construction: 3 Ways to follow

Here’s a look at some ways construction companies and organizations can streamline their construction processes to build more and build faster.

1. Streamline your project management

Efficient project management acts as the backbone of successful data center construction. It involves planning, coordinating, and controlling resources to ensure projects meet their objectives on time and within budget.

One of the major challenges in project management is dealing with complex, intricate timelines. One minor change could set off an unfortunate chain reaction of delays, resulting in a project running overtime and over budget.

Budget overruns are a huge pain point for the construction industry. Time is money, and extended timelines often lead to overrun fees and other financial losses.

But worry not; XYZ Reality has a way forward. Our project controls solution can help teams know what needs to be done, when, and by whom. Managers can shorten data collection and delivery times from weeks to minutes with the integration of our platform.

Our solution helps you predict delays weeks in advance so you can see which trades are lagging behind and address the issue either by allocating more resources, ramping up work or adjusting timelines.

2. Leverage technology

The world is shifting towards better, faster technology, and the construction industry should think no differently. The best way to keep up with the rise in technology is to leverage it.

One of the most common technologies integrated into the construction sector is BIM (building information modeling). This process not only allows teams to create a 3D model of their design but also integrate other information relating to materials, scheduling, etc. BIM is a collaborative tool that AEC (architects, engineers and construction) teams can use to design and build faster.

In our report, the reason for the delays in project timelines were due to poor communication and failure to upload design changes into BIM in a timely manner. Because of this, teams found themselves working with outdated and incorrect information.

XYZ Reality elevates this existing technology by integrating augmented reality (AR). While BIM is limited to an office desk, our Atom™ headset is a powerful AR display that doubles as a construction safety headset.

Teams can view and interact with 3D holograms of their BIM model on a live construction site. By overlaying BIM onsite, construction teams can detect errors, design deviations, and clashes in real-time and eliminate costly rework.

XYZ Reality’s solutions can improve the efficiency of a building project by shifting design and construction from reactive to proactive.

Use reliable software like the XYZ Platform and the Atom to manage your data center designs in a unified platform. It allows quick collaboration between off-site and onsite teams with real-time updates to ensure error-free construction the first time. We all know rework is not only a pain but also a costly consequence. Why not avoid it in the first place?

Each of our solutions seamlessly integrates with one another for easy access and a simplified workflow. Currently working with Autodesk BIM 360? Not a problem; our integration makes it simple to deploy the Atom on your construction site.

With unparalleled visibility and accuracy, you have a leg up in the construction game and can deliver more data center projects as scheduled.

3. Enhance your quality control

Quality control is a crucial aspect of data center construction, vital to ensuring that the final output not only meets but exceeds the predefined standards.

A lapse in quality control can lead to costly rework and delays, not to mention the potential risk of structural failures, both of which can tarnish the project's reputation and the builder’s reputation while incurring additional costs.

XYZ Reality's solutions have a pivotal role in improving quality control processes. Our integration of augmented reality provides an unmatched ability to compare designs to builds. By superimposing a digital model onto the site, construction and inspection managers can easily identify clashes early and avoid rework.

Leave subjectivity in the past. With our platform, construction managers can get accurate progress and quality assessments on their builds and deliver this information to teams in real-time.

Build more and build better with XYZ Reality.

Construction has been around for millennia. While the industry is not going away anytime soon, it is evolving, and companies are encouraged to evolve alongside it.

As technology develops and requires more and more facilities, construction companies must streamline their processes to keep up with the demand.

Efficiency starts in the design process. Request a demo to eliminate rework and optimize your data center construction.