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The Data Center Rundown: June

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June has been another action-packed month in the data center industry. From Vantage securing a staggering $9.2 billion to Oracle's bold $1 billion venture in Madrid, and Google's hefty $2.3 billion commitment in Ohio, the stage is set for ground breaking advancements in digital infrastructure.

Let’s get into June’s Data Center Rundown.

Top Data Center News for June

Starting off strong! Vantage secures whopping $9.2 billion investment

DigitalBridge and Silver Lake have finalized $9.2bn equity investment in Vantage Data Centers. This significant investment marks a pivotal moment for Vantage, enabling it to expand its operations and infrastructure capabilities in the data center sector. The company aims to leverage this capital infusion to build upon its existing portfolio of high-performance data centers and further strengthen its position in the industry.

Sureel Choksi, president and CEO of Vantage, said: “It’s exciting to experience such strong investor demand to fuel our unprecedented growth across North America and EMEA.

“This new funding from the world’s leading digital infrastructure and technology investors, along with numerous co-investors, is a game changer that uniquely positions Vantage to capitalize on the incredible AI and cloud opportunity in front of us.”

$1 billion data center planned for Madrid

Oracle has unveiled exciting plans to establish a cutting-edge $1bn data center in Madrid, marking a bold step in bolstering its cloud services across Europe. This state-of-the-art facility promises to elevate data management and processing capabilities, catering to growing demands for secure and efficient digital infrastructure.

Google ups investment in Ohio

Google is gearing up for a massive $2.3bn investment in Ohio, with plans to expand its state-of-the-art data centers. By beefing up their infrastructure, Google aims to deliver top-notch data storage and processing capabilities, ensuring businesses and users alike can count on reliable and lightning-fast performance.

More investment news...

AWS also revealed this month that it will invest €9.44bn in a new cloud region in Frankfurt, Germany. The increased investment aims to meet rising customer demand for AWS technologies in Germany, including artificial intelligence.

Stefan Hoechbauer, AWS's managing director for Germany and Europe, highlighted Germany's pivotal role in European innovation. AWS is committed to empowering German customers with advanced AWS Cloud capabilities, such as generative AI. The company's expanded investment in Germany's digital infrastructure aims to support this commitment, including initiatives to enhance digital skills and talent development nationwide, and collaborative efforts with local communities for lasting impact.

Microsoft also announced its plans to invest $7.16bn in new data centers in Aragon, Spain. The company has applied for a construction permit to build data centers near Zaragoza, as reported by El Heraldo.

The campus, spanning 80 hectares, aims to deliver advanced, sustainable, and secure AI solutions for Spain and Europe.

Nvidia overtakes Microsoft as world’s most valuable company

Nvidia has soared to become the world's most valuable company, with its stock climbing 3.5% to close at $135.58 per share, pushing its market valuation beyond $3.34 trillion. This achievement surpasses Microsoft, previously in the top spot at $3.32 trillion.

Earlier this month, Nvidia crossed the $3 trillion mark, overtaking Apple, having reached $2 trillion in February 2024 and $1 trillion just last year. The company's shares have surged over 170% this year, buoyed by impressive financial results, including a reported $26 bn in revenues for May – a 262% year-over-year increase.

Particularly notable is Nvidia's data center-specific revenue, which soared to $22.6bn, up 427% year-over-year and 23% from the previous quarter.

More activity in Slough, UK

Segro has secured planning permission to construct three new data centers in Slough, near London. This includes two centers on Bath Road, replacing former buildings with a combined area of over 859,000 square feet.

Additionally, Segro has approval for a site in nearby Iver. The project, part of Segro's expansion into data centers following a £120.25m purchase last year, aims to establish a significant data center campus.

Despite being visible from Windsor Castle, planners have approved the designs to integrate well with the local commercial landscape, ensuring they complement rather than overshadow the area's heritage.

CyrusOne to deliver two data centers in Aurora, Illinois

CyrusOne is expanding its data center empire with two colossal new facilities in Aurora, Illinois, just outside Chicago.

Spanning over 500,000 square feet on a spacious 32-acre site near Interstate 88, these state-of-the-art centers will enhance CyrusOne's existing campus. Plans include not just data centers but also three telecom towers to boost performance and lower latency.

The first phase will feature a massive two-story data center with backup generators, set to revolutionize digital infrastructure in the region.

Compass rolls out safety and mental health program

Compass Datacenters has introduced a new program aimed at enhancing the role of frontline construction supervisors. Known as the Compass Frontliner program, it focuses on maximizing project insights and supporting supervisors in safety, quality, communication, efficiency, and process improvements.

The initiative also includes mental health initiatives to foster a culture that values continuous improvement and safety awareness among supervisors.

Nancy Novak, Compass’ chief innovation officer, emphasized the critical influence of frontline supervisors on project success and safety. The program aims to empower supervisors to advocate for change and share best practices with the construction and data center industries.

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