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Maximizing efficiency and accuracy in mission critical construction

How XYZ delivered 
9x ROI
on a $400 million data center project

01 The Facts

The savings and results herein are REAL client- and owner-verified outcomes from the field


Hyperscale data center project


Realized with XYZ at 53% completion

With economic headwinds further deteriorating construction margins, forward-thinking industry leaders realize the need to implement technologies that eliminate mistakes and rework, enabling them to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Looking down on AR collaboration - XYZ

Rework’s catastrophic repercussions mount exponentially on mission critical projects: delivery delays prevent asset owners from opening for business and driving additional revenue gains.

The disconcerting facts

According to McKinsey


of hyperscale projects suffer cost overruns of more than





The average slippage behind original schedule


02 The Challenge

Searching for a path to absolute accuracy

The general contractor manages the design, construction, and commissioning of complex facilities, ensuring project delivery for leading global pharmaceutical, medical technology and data center companies.

The company has long witnessed the industry’s challenges, such as the inconsistent translation of 3D designs to actual construction, the lack of coordination between teams (ensuring everyone is working from the latest iteration) and the ineffectiveness of reactive validation processes.

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On average, there are more than 5,000 2D drawings on a complex construction site; a number which rapidly increases with revisions.

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03 Engineering Grade AR™

Real-time validation with augmented reality (AR)

Engineering Grade AR™ eliminates the need for reactive verification processes such as laser scanning – a process by which laser beams capture the details of a built asset.

It enables teams to view 3D models onsite and validate in real-time within construction tolerances to millimeter accuracy.

When you verify and validate as you go, you identify mistakes before they become costly project-threatening rework.

XYZ Reality’s Engineering Grade AR™ solution benefits

Atom Helmet Cutout
  • Allows construction teams to position holograms of 3D BIM models to millimeter accuracy onsite
  • Comes as a fully managed service that includes:
    • Safety-certified hardhat, the Atom™
    • XYZ Reality provides a dedicated Field Application Engineer (FAE) to set up integrations, deploy the Atom onsite and supply training; your ROI starts on day one, not weeks or months later
    • Proprietary cloud software
  • Proactive validation
  • Enables a continuous flow of information from the field that feeds into office teams, synchronizing models, including into 3rd party tools such as BIM360 from Autodesk

04 Case Study

Data center project

Rework could potentially cost the data center industry US $23.9 billion if change is not adopted.

When the general contractor earned the commission of a US $400 million data center project, they wanted to add an extra level of control with cutting-edge technology, increasing the asset owner’s confidence that the work would be built right first time.

They found their solution in Engineering Grade AR™

Explore the ROI of AR further

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​“[In previous projects] delivering on time, and making correct decisions without impacting our costs, schedule or design was hard to predict​​.”

Group Head of Digital Project Delivery, General Contractor


$400 million

hyperscale data center project

The client needed an AR solution that provided:

Stopwatch Icon

Quick deployment and ease of use

Measure Icon

Millimeter accuracy within construction tolerances

Validation Icon

Proactive real-time validation of work to replace laser scanning

Precision Icon

Precise results that provided visibility through the entire construction phase

Seamless integration with their BIM platform (BIM360 from Autodesk).

Atom Engineering Grade AR Stealth Side Hero

The only market solution that satisfied their needs was XYZ’s Engineering Grade AR headset solution, the Atom.


The Atom’s impressive results

Through the Atom’s deployment, Augmented-Reality-for-Quality (ARQ) workflows seamlessly linked inspections with Autodesk’s BIM 360 software, allowing real-time proactive validation in the field – no laser scanning was necessary.

“We could see right down to the nuts and bolts if we wanted to.”

Group Head of Digital Project Delivery, General Contractor

As part of the XYZ solution’s fully managed service, an XYZ FAE was onsite to aid in inspections and results analysis, as well as ensuring integration with XYZ’s proprietary cloud software.

Atom Close Up - Daylight

Complete cooperation and transparency

Capturing and issue directly into BIM

The XYZ solution enabled steady information flow from the field to office teams. It aligned models, giving complete version control and assuring all parties utilized the latest design iterations.

“It will be evident from an early stage if there is something wrong. There is no time lag between what you actually see and getting results.”

Chief Field Engineer, General Contractor

The Atom demonstrated special benefits in the early identification of pre-installation issues in the complex mechanical and electrical engineering works.


05 Demonstrable ROI

Return on Investment Graphic

XYZ Reality’s unseen ROI

As evidenced, Atom’s benefits and ROI are readily verifiable. However, the Atom also:

  • Inspires a culture of cooperation across trades
  • Creates an open flow of information from the field to offices
  • Unifies teams by eliminating miscommunication and information silos

The Atom, our Engineering Grade AR solution makes life easier for all parties. It was designed to bring people together, ensuring the safe delivery of projects on time and within budget.

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