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Best Construction Youtube Channels For 2023

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The moment you stop learning, you stop growing, which is why constant knowledge-seeking and skill-building are important, especially when working in a field like construction. Luckily, we live in an age of information, and learning resources have become much more accessible.

One platform widely used as a learning hub is YouTube. Construction learning resources are particularly numerous on YouTube. In this article, we’ll go over the best YouTube channels to check out this year.

XYZ Reality

XYZ Reality’s YouTube channel posts videos on how augmented reality (AR) technology is benefiting the construction industry, particularly with their Atom™ headset, an Engineering Grade AR solution that overlays holograms of 3D design models across construction sites to enhance building safety, accuracy, and performance.

Videos include topics such as live demos, what the technology looks like when deployed onsite, and how the headset can ensure cost savings and quality assurance.

Interesting Engineering

While not specifically about construction and more focused on sharing content about engineering, this channel is still a highly valuable resource for construction professionals.

It talks about the science of buildings, industry innovations, and recent developments in an engaging and captivating way. Anyone watching is bound to learn a thing or two that will help them at some point in their careers.

Along with checking out YouTube channels like Interesting Engineering, consider what solutions you can make use of to streamline project efficiency.

Jesse Lane

Jesse Lane, the owner of a construction company, has a channel that focuses on documenting his journey as an entrepreneur and general contractor.

He shows his viewers the different projects he works on and provides tips on how to go about specific tasks to successfully run a construction business.

Modern Builds

Modern Builds is a YouTube channel with over a million subscribers. It focuses on discussing the concepts involved in building modern structures, providing DIY carpentry and renovation tips, which is particularly useful for subcontractors.

NS Builders

NS Builders is a company YouTube channel based in Boston. The organization behind it builds and renovates high-end homes, and a broad range of construction professionals are featured in the videos, including carpenters, cabinet makers, and project managers.

The channel works as a platform for these professionals to share their passion for their work and pass on industry knowledge to interested viewers. The content on this channel is vast, from videos highlighting onsite visits to videos showcasing specific tools used to carry out daily tasks.

She Who Dares, Wins

She Who Dares, Wins was started by Michelle Hands, a site engineer who advocates for women in the construction industry. On her channel, she shares insights about working in a male-dominated profession and aims to inspire women to pursue a construction career.

This channel is particularly insightful, as Michelle details how she got into the construction industry, what she does on a daily basis, and how she is building her career.

She talks about critical issues that plague women in the construction industry, and, along the way, shares valuable knowledge to empower women in the profession.

TED Talks

A pioneer in the educational YouTube content niche, TED Talks are a reputable resource for many professionals.

Aiming to spread ideas, the channel shares content from professionals in the construction industry, ranging from designers and architects, each covering topics that feed the curiosity of viewers, with insights they can take home and apply.

The B1M

The B1M is a large construction YouTube channel with a high-traffic viewer base. Its host, Fred Mills, has a plethora of experience working with UK contractors and now shares his knowledge to encourage more people to work in the construction industry.

The B1M was named one of the best educational YouTube channels by The Times. Most of its content features unique construction projects, discusses construction ideas, and shares the history and work put into iconic buildings worldwide.

XYZ Reality has been featured on this channel as an AR construction solution, with the video going over how industry professionals can find themselves benefitting immensely from the Atom headset, which ensures industry-leading accuracy in building.

The Construction Channel

Dedicated solely to providing information on the construction industry, The Construction Channel posts content with the mission to engage and inspire the next generation of construction professionals. Its content involves a range of topics, from industry news and stories to featuring industry professionals.

On this channel, viewers can expect to explore real-life construction projects, hear stories from professionals, and find inspiring, compelling content that will change how they view the industry.

Top Luxury

Top Luxury shares exciting and engaging content on construction projects and provides valuable insights to its viewers through ground-breaking ideas and unique construction solutions.

The channel uploads well-prepared videos every week, each with highly insightful and educational content.

Integrate new knowledge and new technologies

Creators from the construction industry who create and publish YouTube videos share content that can significantly help you grow and improve. Sharing valuable insights, life hacks, and engaging content, these channels are valuable resources to help you make your mark in the construction industry.

Expanding your knowledge base is incredibly important, but so is making use of the right solutions to increase efficiency. For this, you’ll need the right tools.

For more information about how the Atom and XYZ BIM can benefit your next project, book a demo today!