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See what it's like to build in 3D at Procore Groundbreak

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That’s a typical reaction we get when someone tries on our AR headset for the first time.

It makes sense. Seeing is believing, and I had a similar reaction myself the first time I put on the Atom™ (our headset) and saw firsthand the potential use of AR for construction.

At XYZ Reality we’re making it possible for builders to accurately build from holograms of 3D models. This is the vision we have as a company for the future of construction, and we’re excited to be demoing and discussing our Engineering Grade AR™ technology live in person at Procore Groundbreak.

Augmented reality brings the 3D model to life, projecting a digital visualization of a building onto an active jobsite with engineering grade precision.

This level of detail produces objective information that can be actioned immediately. For example, project controls teams can update costs and schedules as needed if the model is projected onto the job site, showing an electrical duct where one has yet to be installed. You can read more about our Project Controls functionality here.

If you’re attending Groundbreak we look forward to the opportunity to connect and let you experience the impact of engineering grade AR. Remember, seeing is believing, and we’ll be turning people into believers at booth 401.

Not going to Groundbreak? No worries. You can always connect with someone from XYZ Reality here.

XYZ Reality develops augmented reality solutions for construction that give contractors and owners an accurate and objective way to manage projects. Combining its Engineering Grade AR™ technology and construction-tailored headset, the Atom™, XYZ gives builders the ability to accurately build from holograms of 3D models – moving away from a reliance on 2D drawings and towards a future where accuracy means each project is built right, first time. The largest developers have implemented XYZ on projects totaling over $9 billion. XYZ is headquartered in London, England with offices in Santa Barbara, California. For more information, visit


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