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THROUGH THE LENS 3: The world's most accurate AR


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When we talk about augmented reality (AR) in construction we also need to talk about accuracy. Without accuracy the value of AR starts and stops as a design visualization tool, which is fine for Virtual Design & Construction teams, but XYZ is putting the value of AR into the hands of builders.

Accuracy is more than just a standard of measurement. Millimeter precision is the baseline for providing accuracy through AR, and it is also the foundation for which we can in turn deliver objective information from the jobsite in real-time.

In our latest instalment of Through the Lens we spend time with Pietro Desiato, XYZ’s VP of Product, to understand how XYZ has meticulously engineered the Atom™ in order to deliver an AR solution that’s capable of projecting a 3D model on construction sites to within millimeter precision.


Mark Robertson BW

Mark Robertson