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The Best Augmented Reality (AR) Hardhat For Construction

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The construction industry is joining the augmented reality (AR) trend and incorporating it to assist in the overall construction process. What better way to integrate AR into a construction workflow than to create a device that combines AR technology with safety?

That’s why XYZ Reality developed the Atom™, a patented technology that allows construction teams to streamline processes and eliminate rework. AR hard hats like the Atom promise countless benefits for the construction sector, from improving productivity and safety to providing workers with helpful 3D models and real-time data.

This article will explore the advantages of AR hard hats and look at XYZ Reality’s Atom headset, the best AR hard hat in construction today.

What is AR?

Augmented reality is a relatively new technology that enhances the physical world with computer-generated information, presenting it using advanced camera and sensor technology or a screen. In short, it superimposes digital objects onto the real world, combining physical and digital environments.

An AR hard hat presents 3D images on a high-resolution screen, showing data to the user as they walk through the physical world—or in this case, a construction site. The Atom in particular uses cloud-based technology to deliver necessary information and design updates in real-time.

From schedules and plans to operational details, this technology makes information readily accessible, leading to faster decision-making and project automation.

How is augmented reality improving construction?

AR is becoming more common amongst construction teams to achieve better project accuracy, efficiency, and confidence. AR tools have become invaluable in the construction industry since they help increase efficiency, streamline collaboration and coordination, ensure safety, and improve the management of costs.

Some of its applications in the construction field include:

  • Project transparency - AR can provide essential information about different areas of a construction site or design, giving the user a better understanding of the project.
  • Improved collaboration - AR can work remotely, allowing teams to collaborate more seamlessly wherever they are in the world.
  • Enhanced safety - Among the many uses of AR is the ability to supply data and communicate critical safety information and updates across the board.
  • Progress capture - Some AR hard hats come with sensors to document construction sites and track progress.

Criteria for selecting the best AR hard hat for construction

When choosing the best AR hard hat for construction, look out for the following features.

Safety features

Hard hats are explicitly built for protection, so ensure the product has safety features to help keep workers safe onsite. It’s best to find an AR hard hat that meets the safety standards that your job site follows.

Some models will include, for example, features for eye and hearing protection.

XYZ Reality puts safety at the forefront. Specifically designed for use on construction sites, the Atom has construction-grade head protection and safety goggles built into the headset.

AR technology features

AR hard hats are designed to support and enhance the construction process—not make it more difficult. Thus, opt for a product with features that facilitate smoother operations and faster processes.

Some features to look out for include:

  • Display quality - The images and data displayed must be accurate and precise. Holograms must be visible in indoor and outdoor settings, no matter the weather.
  • User interface - The interface must be easy to use.
  • Compatibility - The hard hat’s features must be compatible with other software used on your job site.

The Atom headset has world-class optic AR display and exceptional view. With lightning-fast 16GB RAM and 1TB of storage, the headset is powerfully designed to maintain high-performance output in real-life conditions for the entire workday. The Atom seamlessly integrates with the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform, a widely used software platform across the industry.

Comfort and useability

A complement to safety features, hard hats must be comfortable for workers. Heavy gear can cause fatigue, which ultimately decreases productivity. An AR hard hat should be well-designed and lightweight enough to support frequent and extended use. The Atom is built for safety and comfort so users can focus on the task at hand.

Another thing to look out for is battery life. The last thing you want is to be ready to use the hard hat, only to find that it needs charging. Long battery life will enable you to utilize your AR hard hat when needed, ultimately saving you time.

Lastly, the tech features in the hard hat should be easy to use. While most technology takes some getting used to, it should be simple enough that you don’t need to extensively train your workers to use them. It should be easy to integrate into your job site immediately.

Fortunately, XYZ Reality also provides an experienced field engineer onsite to deploy the technology onsite and help you manage your project, demystifying the AR technology.

XYZ Reality’s Atom: the best augmented reality (AR) hard hat for construction

XYZ Reality created the Atom, an Engineering Grade AR™ hard hat designed specifically for construction use, to help construction teams avoid rework and budget overruns.

A safety-certified construction headset with AR technology display, the Atom allows construction workers and teams to view 3D models of their designs in high-resolution displays and make important decisions in real-time.


The Atom has a high-resolution display and patented technology that delivers information on 3D models and data with precision. It also supports holographic models of your designs that render 3-5 millimeter accuracy.


Safety features are integral to the design of the Atom, boasting added hearing protection and a comfortable design that prevents fatigue. The product is safety-certified according to the British Standards Institute (BSI) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) guidelines.


The Atom facilitates extended use on construction sites. Compatible with BIM software, it allows users to see and interact with data anywhere onsite without lag. It also allows remote access and is usable even offline.

XYZ Reality’s AR technology is revolutionizing construction

AR technology has great potential, and construction companies have only begun to harness it. Its application can provide new levels of safety and productivity while delivering important models and data to streamline and improve operations.

Learn more about how Atom can provide value to your construction business today. Request a demo today!