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Transformational tech: How XYZ Reality delivered 8x ROI on a pharma project

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As the pharmaceutical industry strives to innovate and quickly bring vital new products to market in a post-pandemic world, global investment in lab and manufacturing space is soaring.

​​​Sanofi’s construction of a ​​US $467 million biomedical park in Singapore and ​​Evonik’s US $220 million pharmaceutical complex in the US are just two examples that point to the sector's robustness.

But as speed to market stands as the primary driver of pharma companies, the pressure on construction teams increases: they must work at maximum capacity and pace to keep up with shortened schedules, boosting the risk of error.

This emphasizes the need for absolute build accuracy and quality control.

The unparalleled accuracy of Engineering Grade Augmented Reality (AR)

When the main contractor was contracted to deliver a US $150 million mission critical pharma build in Ireland, they sought to enhance their processes with cutting-edge technology.

They wanted to leverage augmented reality (AR) to achieve a higher level of control, as well as provide additional assurance to the asset owner that the project would be built right, first time.

The contractor needed an easy-to-implement solution that allowed them to view and position holograms of 3D design models to millimeter accuracy onsite. They also required a product that enabled seamless integration with their BIM platform (​​BIM360 from Autodesk).

After comparing the various AR choices on the market, they realized that XYZ's solution, the Atom™, the world’s most accurate Engineering Grade AR™ headset, was the only option that ticked all their boxes.

From concept to completion: XYZ's crucial role in delivering a mission critical pharma project

The Atom’s quick and easy deployment enabled a constant stream of information to flow between office and onsite teams on the first day, and thus ROI kicked in immediately.

It eliminated the need for reactive processes such as laser scanning and allowed the contractor to conduct proactive real-time validation of work to millimeter accuracy.

It proved especially useful in determining if teams installed air handling units (AHUs) and dehumidifiers in the correct positions, avoiding conflicts with upcoming ductwork.

The Atom identified 273 mistakes, which teams were then able to immediately rectify. It delivered 8x ROI, equating to US $2.3 million in savings at 60% completion.

XYZ’s solution prevented costly errors and rework that could have radically impacted the project’s schedule and budget.

Gain control & discover total accuracy with XYZ

The pressure on contractors to build and deliver projects quickly and to the highest quality increases significantly in mission critical situations.

As the contractor found in their US $150 million pharma project, adopting innovative tech is the only solution to gain control over large, complex projects with demanding timetables.

It allows construction teams to build to millimeter precision, eliminating mistakes and rework, ensuring a smooth process and timely handover.

For your next mission critical project, build it right, first time with the Atom.

To learn more about how the Atom delivered 8x ROI on a US $150 million mission critical pharmaceutical project and 9x ROI on a US $400 million data center project, please download our new whitepaper ​​Investing in Innovation: ROI of AR in Construction.


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