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How to Use AR To Enhance Data Center Infrastructure

Data center infrastructure

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In recent years, augmented reality has taken to the world stage through several platforms, namely through video games and social media like Pokemon Go and picture filters. According to experts, the ''digital twins'' market – that is, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) – is valued in the high billions.

Today, AR is not limited to gaming and entertainment. It has also entered the construction, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare sectors.

For construction teams specializing in data center construction and maintenance, AR can help enhance the building process, helping projects get built and delivered on time. We’ll take a look at XYZ’s AR tools and how they can be used in the construction of these centers.

Why AR in data center construction is important

With rises in the use and prevalence of technology, data centers have never been more critical. Data centers are physical facilities where company data is stored and processed. These large-scale facilities often have large, heavy-duty computers and computing machines that support a company’s day-to-day activities.

For example, without their data centers, companies like Google, Meta, and Amazon couldn’t deliver their services so easily.

According to studies, with the rise and growing dependence on technology, the demand for data centers will only increase. Keeping up with this demand requires the construction of more data centers, which we know is a complex, labor-intensive process.

With new technologies emerging, it’s time construction companies let go of traditional construction methods and embrace new, efficient ways of building.

The construction industry is already experiencing a shift towards digitalization, thanks to technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, VR, and robotics. AR is another addition to the mix.

In this next section, let’s take a look at how AR can enhance the construction of these facilities.

Data center construction meets augmented reality

Augmented reality is a technology that enables viewers to see the real world enhanced or “augmented” by a digital overlay. While some AR solutions are only on devices like smartphones or tablets, others have branched into the realm of headsets, providing users with a hands-free experience.

The most important part of AR in data center construction is accuracy.

Data centers are complex facilities where each component works together to achieve the common goal of storing and protecting company data. Most data centers only have a tolerance margin of 5 millimeters doesn’t leave a lot of room for errors. Because of this, builders must get a precise picture of the design to avoid errors.

BIM (building information modeling) is a technological process that is widely used in the construction industry. It has enhanced the building process by not only providing a 3D model of the design drawings but enabling other critical data to be attached to design components.

However, even as a breakthrough technology, it still has its limitations – BIM on its own is limited to the office and work desk.

If only there were a way to enhance BIM and remove the laborious task of hundreds of thousands of 2D drawings onsite for a better workflow. That’s where XYZ Reality comes in.

How XYZ’s tools “augment” the traditional BIM process

XYZ Reality is a company that has enhanced this existing process by developing the world’s most accurate augmented reality headset for construction. To improve the construction process from beginning to end, XYZ’s Atom™ headset uses AR to map the 3D blueprints of a design over the construction site in real time.

Fully integrated with XYZ BIM and Autodesk BIM360, viewers can see a hologram of the 3D design with 3 to 5 millimeter accuracy onsite, enabling teams to spot errors, clashes and design deviations in real-time.

All errors documented onsite are uploaded and synced instantly in the cloud, allowing teams to make proactive data-driven decisions.

With AR and XYZ Reality, the shift from ideation to post-construction is faster and smoother, with less risk of rework and schedule overruns.

With BIM and tools like XYZ’s AR construction headset and our project controls solution, architects, engineers and construction teams can use augmented reality technology to design and build data facilities quickly and easily.

A unified solution means less juggling multiple software and more time focusing on what matters – finishing the build.

According to our Constructing Tomorrow Report, of 500 construction professionals across the UK and US, nearly all (99%) claimed they delivered projects beyond the original timelines. The leading causes of this included design changes, poor communication and rework.

AR helps address these issues, allowing all stakeholders to view and interact with 3D models and suggest modifications if required.

Devices like our Atom™ headset give construction teams the power to view holograms of the project layout and visualize the entire landscape with 3 to 5-millimeter accuracy onsite.

Boasting the Intel i7 Quad Core processing power, the Atom connects to Bluetooth and WiFi to maintain connectivity among all parties. Plus, the top-notch optical displays allow viewers to see the entire data center from multiple angles without lag.

Challenges of using AR to enhance data center infrastructure

The use of purpose-built AR in the construction sector will only become more prevalent in the coming years. However, data centers should also be aware of potential challenges.


The first challenge is cost. Integrating a new technology can be costly, but rework is even more so. And, with a demo, you can see all the ways a technology can work for you.

Using AR technology like XYZ’s tools, you can speed up your project timelines, avoid fines and eliminate rework. Investing in the future of construction helps you and your company build better, build more and grow faster.


Another challenge comes in the form of a poor understanding of AR operation. New technology can be daunting to integrate due to the training and time it requires to do so. The workforce's hesitation to embrace new technologies could hamper AR adoption.

At XYZ, we never leave you scrambling on your own. Our onsite engineers work alongside you and help you to integrate the AR tools into your process for a smooth transition that doesn’t hinder your project timelines.

The data center construction landscape is becoming more competitive than ever. With the help of our team, you can look past the challenges and see the benefits of this technology. Missing out on AR's potential can leave you strides behind the competition.

Embrace the future of data center infrastructure with XYZ Reality.

AR is expected to be the game-changer in data centers, owing to its advanced capabilities and the growing demand for more intelligent IT systems. In data centers, AR implementation starts right at the beginning: from construction.

Request a demo to see how the Atom headset and our project controls solution can be your first — and ultimately the smartest — choice for including AR in your data center construction process.