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Smarter decisions: Capturing 90% of Construction Activities


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Let's talk about why getting an accurate picture of your construction project's progress isn't just a nice-to-have – it's a must-have.

With stakeholders feeling the weight of supply chain woes, sky-high costs and economic instability, progress tracking allows asset owners and contractors to take back control, delivering projects on time and within budget, every time.

Beyond simply recording data, the ability to capture progress in real-time offers invaluable insights that enhance decision-making, cost management, resource allocation and risk mitigation, as well as communication and collaboration.

As part of it's project controls solution, XYZ’s progress tracking lets you closely monitor the critical path, so you can make sure that any installation deviations are immediately identified and fixed.

This not only keeps your projects on schedule but also leads to significant cost savings and reduces project risks.

What exactly is progress tracking?

Think of progress tracking as taking the pulse of your construction project. In an industry that faces a variety of challenges such as delays, sequencing issues and poor communications between teams, any way to mitigate these issues is very welcome.

The problem is that traditional progress tracking processes suffer from inadequate analytics, scalability issues and difficulties in adapting to changes in project scope, to name a few.

Most critically, depending on the technology used, they may capture only up to 50% of construction activities, leading to huge data gaps.

Progress tracking is not just about jotting down what has been done and what needs to be done; it's about knowing how well those completed tasks align with your planned schedule and budget.

And what happens when you can see this in real-time?

That's when the true value of progress tracking is unlocked: better control, better risk mitigation, and improved unity between construction teams and asset owners.

All of these advantages provide a welcome relief to both onsite and office teams.

Step up your game with Engineering Grade Augmented Reality (AR)

Now, combine progress tracking with Engineering Grade AR™, such as that offered exclusively by XYZ Reality, and you gain a powerful tool to not only catch errors in real-time, but one that literally redefines the way you’ll look at construction management.

What sets XYZ progress tracking apart?

Competing solutions provide only “near-real-time” or “delayed updates.” But XYZ, through its Engineering Grade AR headset solution, the Atom, and its fully-managed service, gives you genuine, real-time progress monitoring — and in 4D.

In fact, XYZ is the only company in the world that gives you a complete picture of your project’s health, tracking 95% of all construction activities, radically surpassing the 50% of traditional tech.

Thanks to XYZ, a major data center client experienced its first on-time project completion in 20 years.

This allows for unparalleled insights in installation accuracy (down to 3 mm) and enables you to track the build's progress in real-time, directly comparing it to your planned vs actual schedule.

What’s more, this allows both local and global teams to see and compare the progress of multiple projects is in a single dashboard.

This lets everybody involved understand what is going well and what is not, fostering a culture of continuous improvement by learning from mistakes.

It effectively future-proofs your projects by improving collaboration and communication, as well as managing risks and controlling costs.

The ultimate in transparency: A real-life success story

This is where the XYZ comes to life: in its unique ability to instantly highlight the differences between what contractors report and what's actually happening with incredible accuracy.

This isn't about calling out individual parties, but rather about aligning everyone's efforts toward a common goal of accuracy and accountability.

In one recent example, XYZ was assigned to verify the accuracy of a project's progress reports. The consultants claimed the project was 32% complete and 2 weeks ahead of schedule. XYZ, however, equipped with 4D progress tracking capabilities, discovered that the project was actually only 10% complete and 2 weeks behind schedule. After reviewing XYZ’s data, the consultants updated their 12-week lookahead plan.

The big picture: The non-negotiable nature of accuracy

So, why does all of this matter?

Our industry is battling an array of complexities, and an accurate, real-time snapshot of your project acts as a vital roadmap, guiding you towards successful completion and timely handover.

These actionable insights empower informed decision-making, keeping you ahead on the critical path.

Progress tracking enables better planning and budgeting, mitigates risk and allows for greater levels of transparency between onsite and offsite teams.

And — let’s face it, this might just be its biggest benefit — it relieves a lot of the pressure for everyone involved.

You deserve a solution that facilitates real-time tracking and brings together trades, eliminating coordination errors and ensuring projects are delivered both on time and within budget.

Intrigued? XYZ is ready to show you how progress tracking is done. Reach out to us and let's set your next project up for success.



Bruce Craik