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The secret to successful data center construction

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​​Vast in scale, highly intricate and financially sensitive, data center projects epitomize mission critical construction. ​With studies estimating downtime costs at around $9,000 per minute, teams are under immense pressure to deliver data centers on schedule with an uncompromising focus on quality.​​

​​Thankfully, contractors, developers and asset owners can draw upon a raft of technologies to streamline processes and ensure accuracy throughout the project lifecycle. This is something we explore in depth in our latest whitepaper:​ ​​​​Eliminating Risk in Data Center Construction with Advanced Technology.

The tightrope of data center success ​​​​

Our paper shines a light on the high-stake nature of mission critical data center construction, revealing some alarming statistics. For example, did you know that ​​99% of construction firms deliver projects late, or that ​hyperscale projects are, on average, completed 20 months behind the original schedule with average costs exceeding initial estimates by 80%?

Clearly, the need for ​innovative ​solutions​ is critical, offering​​ contractors​ not just​ control over accuracy, speed and budget​,​​ ​​but also unparalleled visibility into every aspect of their construction projects.​

$370 billion opportunity

Despite the many challenges contractors face in delivering data center projects successfully, the market presents a golden opportunity right now. Global demand is strong across established and emerging regions, including Australia, Sub-Saharan Africa and South America.

Indicative of soaring demand, Precedence Research estimates that data center construction value will exceed US$ 369.6 billion by 2030. Provided that stakeholders can find ways to prevent costs from spiraling, there is a huge amount of money to be made.

The tech that’s helping contractors build data centers right first time

There are many technologies being utilized to support successful data center construction. ​But the prevalent delays and cost overruns make it clear: the existing solutions aren't cutting it.​

So which technologies are failing to deliver, and which are the real deal? Our whitepaper provides a comparison of some of the leading advanced validation tools available, breaking down the relative durations of the processes involved for implementation.

The results may surprise you, as we demonstrate how the time required to enact build validation of a 375 m2 room can be reduced from over 9 days to fewer than 25 minutes.

Through a real-world case study, we also demonstrate how leading-edge construction firms are using advanced technology to spot and prevent errors before they impact subsequent installations and affect budgets and schedules. In this instance, we show how ‘proactive validation’ highlighted 596 deviations from the as-designed model in just 561 days on site, saving unprecedented amounts of time and​​ money​ when compared to other solutions like Reality Capture (3D scanning, 360 cameras, drones, etc.).​

Start your journey toward smarter data center construction

​​To keep up with ever-growing data center demand, leveraging advanced technology is not just an option – it's a necessity. ​Our latest whitepaper delves deep into the challenges and opportunities in this mission-critical sector.

As the construction industry grapples with alarming statistics, such as average delays of 20 months, the urgency for accurate, efficient and cost-saving solutions is evident.

There is a $370 billion opportunity for stakeholders that are able to navigate the complexities of data center construction successfully. While technology plays a pivotal role in unlocking success, not all solutions are created equal. In a sector where precision is paramount, we demonstrate how you can embrace effective tech to deliver your projects consistently on time and on budget.

Download our whitepaper and embark on a journey to revolutionize your approach to data center construction.


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