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The critical role of project controls in data center construction


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The world of data center construction is navigating some pretty bumpy terrain right now. Amidst supply chain disruptions, soaring costs and economic shake-ups, contractors and stakeholders are looking for solutions that can provide them with the most possible control over projects.

In other words, they're looking for ways to steer clear of ballooning costs, to fend off delays and to ensure projects hit the ground running right from the start.

That’s why the deployment of project controls is growing increasingly critical, allowing for more predictable and efficient construction outcomes, every time.

What are project controls?

Project controls serve as the cornerstone of successful construction projects and encompass several key elements:

  • Cost management
  • Schedule management
  • Risk management
  • Quality control
  • Resource management
  • Information management.

These controls feed into and benefit hugely from tracking build progress accurately against the latest project schedule. The real-time monitoring, reporting and immediate adjustments across various aspects of a project, allows the teams to work efficiently and collaboratively, getting it right from the get-go and making decisions based off real accurate information.

The synergy of Engineering Grade Augmented Reality (AR) and project controls

There’s no denying that Engineering Grade AR™ is radically transforming the way the construction sector approaches projects, enabling significantly higher levels of control and productivity.

When Engineering Grade AR is coupled with real-time Earned Value Analysis (EVA) and Project Percentage Completion (PPC) dashboards, data center construction teams can plan, assess and execute tasks with unparalleled insight, ensuring every project is set on the right path from the start.

In other words, your teams build smarter, not harder.

XYZ: the new standard in project controls

XYZ’s the Atom™ is the world’s only headset solution that combines Engineering Grade AR and advanced project controls.

Through its advanced spatial computing capabilities, it allows construction teams to overlay 3D BIM holograms onto the construction site, offering the power of real-time checks and validations for installations.

The platform – which includes comprehensive EVA and PPC dashboards – instantly syncs all project data, giving you a complete and up-to-date snapshot of all your projects' health from a single control center that's accessible anywhere.

This centralized system, with its critical insight, makes it an ideal choice for data center construction projects due to their tight timelines and the need for absolute quality and accuracy.

With XYZ’s real-time data, critical insights are delivered in real time.​​

XYZ’s solution ticks every box on your project control checklist:

  • Stay ahead of the game: Our technology ensures you can track production efficiently and remain ahead of the critical path, avoiding costly delays.
  • One view for all: With XYZ, gain real-time visibility into your project's progress, and benefit from standardized reporting metrics across all sites.
  • Data you can trust: Our platform provides objective, emotion-free data on installation quality and field progress, enabling data-driven decisions every step of the way.
  • 4D progress tracking: XYZ sets itself apart as the only solution to feature real-time 4D progress tracking

Want better (more informed) decision-making?

Want to keep your projects on schedule and within budget from day one?

This is your solution.

Future perspectives

As we look to the future, Engineering Grade AR holds the promise of even more ground-breaking advancements in project controls, providing definitive, quantifiable benefits for data center stakeholders and contractors.

Yet, with the Atom, the future isn't just on the horizon—it's already here.

We're talking about an integrated platform that aligns all trades and eliminates the need for time-consuming verification processes, enabling you to build it right, first time.

And considering current industry challenges, isn't that a welcome change?

To learn more about how we can bring the power of real-time project controls to your next project, reach out to our experts or book a demo today.



Eoin Manning