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Eliminate risk with real-time Project Controls

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In today's uncertain economic climate, construction crews battle labor deficits, supply chain disruptions and rising costs, making it extremely challenging to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Given this complexity, it's more critical than ever to utilize every available advantage to keep projects on schedule right from the outset.

One area ready for major innovation is project controls, a crucial aspect of project management that involves monitoring the progress of construction activities and implementing necessary adjustments to ensure projects stay on track.

However, traditional project controls solutions, such as photo capture/reality capture,​ ​are frequently plagued by significant inaccuracies and inefficiencies.

The issues stem from a heavy reliance on general contractors for manual data entry, causing a time lag–sometimes up to 6 weeks–in ​​information reaching subcontractors and other stakeholders.

As projects never stop moving, this, in turn, can lead to errors and project ​​delays due to outdated information.

Furthermore, these conventional technologies frequently involve the use of complicated software platforms that demand extensive training and often fall short of delivering the necessary accuracy.

Avoid speculation with XYZ Project Control​s

At XYZ, we are pioneering a transformative solution to these challenges by leveraging the power of augmented reality (AR) through our Engineering Grade AR™ solution, the Atom™ headset.

With the Atom delivered as a comprehensive, fully managed solution, XYZ provides a specialized Field Application Engineer (FAE) for each client, ensuring a frictionless integration​​.

This ground-breaking solution exceeds traditional progress capture technologies and photo capture, utilizing cutting-edge AR to validate installations with unparalleled precision, directly onsite, ensuring every detail of a project is flawlessly executed.

XYZ’s Project Controls solution: Redefining project management

The Atom headset allows for inspections, visual validation and data management in real-time, providing an extremely accurate, efficient and reliable approach to project controls.

This empowers construction teams to gain complete visibility over a project, eliminating the wait for information processing.

It provides clear insights, so they know exactly where they are in the build process and what needs to be done to get to where they need to be.

Driving project success: The impact of XYZ’s Project Controls solution

XYZ’s solution revolutionizes project control by integrating digital infrastructure seamlessly into a single platform, where every facet of the project is interconnected.

It empowers you to view, plan and assess construction trajectory using real-time Earned Value Analysis (EVA) and Project Percentage Completion (PPC) dashboards.

​​​This ability reveals discrepancies between contractors' progress reports and our own, often exposing substantial differences of up to six weeks.

Our solution challenges the traditional approach, prompting contractors to emphasize schedule, critical path, construction methodology and collaboration across all trades.

By facilitating error detection, site capture, real-time validation, planned versus actual comparison, 4D analysis and precision production tracking, we ensure improved project outcomes.

Setting XYZ apart: The unique advantage of real-time progress capture

While some market solutions may boast of schedule linking features, they fail to deliver real-time capabilities.

Indeed, XYZ stands alone in its ability to provide real-time 4D progress tracking.

Even those competitors that claim to feature automated progress capture do not offer it in real time.

Terms like “almost real-time” or “delayed real-time” are often used to mask these deficiencies.

In contrast, XYZ’s real-time solution ensures that when progress is validated onsite, teams across the globe – whether they're next door or halfway around the world – are informed instantly and simultaneously.

This is the power of genuine real-time ​project ​controls that only XYZ delivers. Further, most rival solutions with proprietary viewers lack a mobile AR app and depend entirely on existing model formats.

Case Studies: The power of Project Controls

In our first example, XYZ was tasked with determining the accuracy of a project's progress reports.

The consultants claimed they were 32% complete and 2 weeks ahead of schedule, while our data revealed that the project was only 10% complete and 2 weeks behind schedule.

Using our fully managed solution and the Atom, we displayed our data in a 4D model, definitively demonstrating the discrepancy in the project's timeline.

The consultants accepted our data, leading to a revised 12-week lookahead plan.

In a separate case involving a complex network of switch rooms within a hyperscale data center​​, XYZ was engaged to validate the critical path and assess the project's completion status.

Our task was challenging given the intricate configuration of high-level bus ducts, which were key to the project's overall progress.

​​Using the advanced 4D model, we meticulously evaluated the progression status, revealing that the crucial high-level bus duct had yet to be initiated, contradicting the GC's latest schedule. ​​

This discrepancy further underscored the urgent need for accurate, real-time project controls and well-implemented processes that enforce accountability.

Shaping the future with 4D Project Controls

The transformative potential of XYZ’s Project Controls solution is vividly showcased through these case studies.

By providing an objective, real-time snapshot of construction progress, XYZ’s solution transcends traditional project timeline assurances, ensuring precision builds that start and remain on schedule.

At XYZ, we remain steadfast in our commitment to pioneering technological advancements in construction.

Recognizing AR's future significance in project controls, we are dedicated to setting new benchmarks in project management.

We look forward to assisting our clients in achieving their construction goals with absolute precision.

Learn more about XYZ’s ground-breaking Project Controls and how they can ensure you avoid overruns and risk.


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