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Why efficiency in construction is more important than ever

05 Importance of Efficiency

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After three turbulent years, we explore how the industry is adapting to change.

Brexit, numerous lockdowns, delayed projects and a supply chain that’s operating at a far slower rate has left the construction industry reeling from the blows.

We’ve seen major players, such as Midas Group go out of business due to the rising cost of materials and pipeline projects canceled - and they’re not going to be alone. We’re still balancing a labor shortage across the industry, and rising inflation.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. This is a time of real and genuine opportunity for the industry.

The great reset

At the moment, there are so many resistance factors that are crying out for change: with global warming, materials shortages and wasted resources in the spotlight, it’s clear that now is the perfect time to take stock and examine how the industry can reboot and be fit for purpose for future generations.

Let’s face it, one of the reasons the industry has a poor environmental image, is due to huge inefficiencies across the build process, which is predominantly down to traditional 2D design processes, a lack of real-time validation and compounding build errors. In fact, traditional methods can result in up to 80% of building work being built out of tolerance due to the inability to validate in real-time, which really shows there is significant room for improvement.

The one word that is key to driving change is innovation in the form of Construction Technology (ConTech), which is seeing significant year on year investment. To give you an idea of scale, investment in innovation in the UK construction industry has soared to its highest level since records began. Research and development work within the sector was worth £471m in 2021, according to data gathered by the Office for National Statistics and analyzed by tax-relief consultancy Catax. Cutting-edge SaaS, AR and machine learning products and solutions are now available at every stage of the process, from design and development, right through to R&D and supply.

Digital twinning and modeling to identify faults and errors during design and planning, as well as ensure effective replication across other sites; construction drones to provide a 360, real-time view of a site; plus platforms that can identify key contractual issues and automate project management, all serve to increase efficiencies, which in turn can improve build quality, impacting timelines, budgets and overall team morale.

Improving build accuracy and procurement

Accuracy is at the heart of everything and crucial if we’re going to focus on more cost-streamlined builds. Reducing margins for error and improving efficiencies around the supply of materials to minimize wastage is key, and where ConTech really comes into its own.

Removing the element of guesswork and estimation in design, planning and project coordination means a build can follow a more precise spec. Bringing 3D models onsite to validate works in real-time within millimeter accuracy leads to significant cost savings and removes the laborious process of taking 2-3 weeks to validate with other technology.

Our Engineering Grade Augmented Reality (AR) headset, the Atom™ , enables 3D models to be viewed and experienced onsite, with an accuracy that is within millimeters. It allows users to walk through the construction site and more accurately pinpoint errors and defects at the earliest stages of development. Mace, PM Group, Cundall, and Dornan are among the innovative companies deploying the Atom across their projects boosting efficiency and productivity to deliver build programs on time and within budget.

The knock-on effect of more efficient tolerance management is significant. Not only does it reduce build timescales from weeks to minutes, but it also reduces risk for both the contractor and asset owner thanks to the ability to validate in real-time , minimizing waste, frustrations and therefore reducing a project’s carbon footprint.

With a bumpy ride ahead, ConTech will be key for bottom-line savings. So, the big question is: can you afford not to maximize innovation and eradicate inefficiencies in this current financial and environmentally-conscious climate?

Proactive validation, made possible by the Atom, can deliver a 9X ROI or higher. John McLoughlin, Associate Director, Cundall, says: “This is taking it to the next level - bringing the model onto site and ensuring that model is built correct, first time, every time, to millimeter accuracy.”

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