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Inspection case study

​​Ensuring solid ground: Uncovering and fixing key base plate errors

​The role of a base plate in ensuring the structural integrity of a building cannot be overstated. It serves as the critical link between steel columns and the building's foundation, facilitating proper load distribution and anchoring.




Rework costs saved due to issue
being caught early



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Data Center

Mission Critical

6,542 m2

This case study delves into an incident involving the flawed installation of a base plate in a large data center construction project in Spain. The discrepancy was discovered using XYZ’s the Atom™, the world's first and only Engineering Grade augmented reality™ (AR) headset. As part of a fully managed solution, it once again proved its unquestionable value in rooting out errors and guaranteeing sound build quality.

Design Deviation

The contractor's surveyor confirmed that 30 base plates were positioned correctly during an initial inspection. However, due to a breakdown in process and onsite communication, the remaining base plates went unchecked. When concrete was poured the following day, enclosing all the plates, XYZ Reality instantly revealed a 3.1 inch (80 millimeter) discrepancy in one of them.

If this design deviation had gone unnoticed and uncorrected, the ramifications could have been very severe, including compromised structural integrity, uneven load distribution and potential building regulation violations.

Immediate Corrective Action

As soon as the Atom's findings were reviewed, the issue was flagged to the contractor and onsite supervisors. They took prompt action and repositioned the base plate, cutting off the incorrect bolts and drilling new ones in the correct locations as per the design specifications.

The Knock-on Effect

Identifying inaccuracies in securing bolt positions is unfortunately a common occurrence. Structural designs for both slabs and steel frames typically incorporate tolerances to accommodate such variations. Although a 3.1-inch deviation may not be excessively significant and might not compromise the overall design, the critical concern lies in the potential oversight before the delivery of structural steel. Altering the erection sequence can impact the erection program, leading to the risk of leaving the affected base uncorrected. It's crucial to note that rules differ when the steel is situated on a pad foundation or is subject to heightened stress due to unconventional design considerations.

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Cost Avoidance

The quick identification and correction of this issue, thanks to the Atom, prevented not only significant structural problems but also delays and additional costs that would have arisen from rework. Moreover, it ensured that the project continued to adhere to both safety standards and timeline commitments.

The worst-case view predicted a potential remediation cost of over $4,500 and a programme time risk of additional 2 days to the critical path.

Why is it important to build it right, first time?

This case study underscores XYZ’s indispensable role in modern construction. The Atom’s unmatched capabilities to catch errors early eliminated the downstream impact of delays, averted increased costs and eradicated safety risks. Thus, it enhanced the project’s overall efficiency and profitability.

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