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Inspection case study

​​Leveraging AR for
Early Detection of Design Deviations

Rework costs the global construction industry a staggering $625 billion annually. Much of this expense is entirely avoidable with a proactive approach to error detection.

This case study explores the timely detection and rectification of misaligned partition wall openings in a data center cooling array project, which was identified during one inspection.




Rework costs saved due to issue
being caught early



14 days to fix issue 
if left until clash occurs



Data Center

Mission Critical

29 MW

This case study explores the timely detection and rectification of misaligned partition wall openings in a data center cooling array project, facilitated by XYZ Reality's engineering-grade augmented reality™ (AR) platform. This innovative tool enabled the project team to visualize and identify the misalignments swiftly, thereby preventing costly delays and ensuring the project's success. The error was spotted during one inspection, underscoring the importance of proactive measures in early error detection and rework prevention.

Design Deviation

Collaborating with the general contractor, XYZ swiftly identified the misaligned openings in the partition walls. Leveraging the capability to position and visualize hyperscale BIM with an accuracy range of 3-5 millimeters, enabled the precise and early detection of this design deviation. If left unaddressed, or identified at a later stage, this deviation from design would undoubtably have led to delays and additional costs.

Immediate Corrective Action

XYZ proved pivotal in pinpointing this issue and promptly alerted the main contractor on the project, enabling them to devise a mitigation plan.

As part of the mitigation plan, the contractor's surveyor was tasked with precisely marking the openings and ensuring they were cut in the correct positions before the installation of the chill water pipes commenced.

With the aid of the Atom, the on-site team successfully marked and cut the openings, addressing any excess space that was originally cut. This proactive measure was taken before the completion of other installations, ensuring a faster resolution, maintaining the budget, and preserving the structural integrity of the element.

The Knock-on Effect

The potential consequences of incorrectly installing the cooling arrays could have been severe, resulting in substantial project delays and incurred additional costs.

Moreover, had this issue surfaced later in the project, the misalignment would have affected the installation of the chill water pipes. This scenario underscores the critical importance of early error detection and a proactive approach to avoid costly setbacks, ensuring the project's success.

Why is it important to build it right, first time?

The quick identification and correction of this issue prevented significant project delays and additional costs that would have arisen from rework. This demonstrates how early error detection saves substantial time and money, eliminating the waste of additional resources, and enhancing the project's overall efficiency.

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