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Construction engineering company, Dornan Engineering utilised the power of the Atom™ to deliver offsite factory witness testing on a hyperscale data centre.

Watch the video to discover how the Atom enabled the construction team to catch mistakes early and avoid future errors and rework.

Deploying our Engineering Grade Augmented Reality (AR) headset, the Atom, Dornan transformed the process of onsite prefabricated inspections.

As part of a shift towards more modern construction methods, prefabricated elements and the associated factory witness testing became a critical hold-point and interface in the construction process.

Patrick Gormley, Project Quality Manager, Dornan Engineering, said: “It’s like putting on your ordinary day helmet when you go down to site, except you have the added advantage of knowing what you’re looking at is correct. XYZ delivers on that every time, because we have a report detailing the model prior to leaving the fabrication facility is correct. That builds a huge amount of confidence within the fabrication process itself, which we are very, very excited about.”


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