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Project delivery specialists, PM Group deploys Engineering Grade Augmented Reality to avoid rework and delays on a complex data center project in Denmark.

Watch the video to learn how Engineering Grade AR™ transforms complex hyperscale data center projects to deliver them on time and on budget.

Our Engineering Grade Augmented Reality (AR) headset, the Atom™ unlocks significant site productivity improvements by identifying errors early and reducing the need for as-built updates.

The PM Group construction teams used the Atom to visualize designs onsite and check in real-time that constructed works were accurately positioned. It helped identify and prevent early-stage construction inaccuracies, avoiding inefficient rework.

Diarmuid O’Sullivan, Construction Director, PM Group said: “We’ve been using the Atom since the beginning of the Danish project, and it is unlocking significant productivity advancements on-site. It has allowed us to move away from a reactive approach to tackling errors, to a more proactive way of working, solving problems before they actualise as a cost.


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