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Avoiding clashes on hyperscale data centers

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Building data centers is a complex and challenging task. These large-scale projects require precise coordination and accuracy to ensure that everything goes according to plan. That’s why a hyperscale data center provider turned to XYZ Reality to help them review design changes on-site.

Using our Engineering Grade augmented reality™ (AR) headset, the Atom™, an XYZ field engineer was able to overlay the 3D model onto the physical site. This allowed them to check for any clashes or discrepancies in real-time. And what they discovered was a serious clash between the busbar and the containment that had been missed by the BIM coordination teams.

If this clash had not been detected until the time of installation, it would have caused a huge delay and cost. But thanks to the immediate reporting from the site, the design teams were able to act on it in real-time. They quickly created an action plan to resolve the clash and ensure that the design was correct before the works began.

This is just one example of how XYZ Reality can help simplify the challenges of data center projects. Our real-time project controls allow you to speed up delivery and reduce risks, ensuring that everything stays on track and on schedule.

With XYZ Reality, you can benefit from real-time tracking, actionable insights, and data analytics to help you build better data centers. Our solution is designed to provide you with the tools you need to succeed, so you can stay ahead of the game.

If you want to see how XYZ Reality can help you with your data center projects, contact us today and book a demo. Visit our website at to learn more.


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