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$400m Data Center Project + Engineering Grade AR = 9x ROI

PM Group, project delivery specialists in design and construction, made use of the world’s most accurate AR headset to eliminate rework on a hyperscale data center project. Combining the Atom with a ground-breaking Augmented-Reality-for-Quality (ARQ) workflow, PM Group achieved unparalleled precision onsite, enabling real-time validation.



at 53% project completion



issues identified and rectified

Laser Scans


Laser scans required


6 months

design as built overheads


20 Days

project handover reduction

All the Rumours Are True:
How AR transforms construction delivering 9x ROI

Join PM Group's Coral Butler discussing the incredible value gained by deploying the Atom's Engineering-Grade Augmented Reality on mission critical data centre projects. Recorded live at Autodesk University, New Orleans, September 2022.

The Project:
hyperscale data center


Stage of deployment:
Coordination and construction


PM GROUP 9X ROI-inspecting works


Up to 80% of construction work is built out of tolerance. This means that errors are only discovered once work has been carried out and costs already incurred. On hyperscale data center projects, the stakes are especially high. Not only does the size and complexity of such facilities mean that mistakes are more likely, but the mission critical nature such projects means that client revenue is lost immediately if errors lead to delays.


These are risks that PM Group understands well. Despite having earned an exemplary reputation for delivering high-quality work efficiently and on time, the company recognized it was not immune to issues caused by flaws in conventional construction processes. These included: discrepancies between the 3D model and the way it is translated in construction; difficulties in obtaining unpolluted ‘absolute root cause data’; contractors blaming error on poor design; and conversely, designers blaming issues on a lack of timely feedback from contractors.

After successful trials of Engineering-Grade Augmented Reality on electrical works, PM Group was keen to see what kind of impact the technology, supplemented by the first-ever Augmented-Reality-for-Quality (ARQ) workflows, would have on a larger scale.


Scope of Works

The Atom was deployed onsite to assist with coordination and construction of a $400m hyperscale data center. ARQ workflows were utilized to link inspections seamlessly with Autodesk’s BIM 360 software, thus allowing for real-time proactive validation in the field. An XYZ Field Application Engineer was posted onsite to assist with inspections and analysis of subsequent findings.

As a leading specialist in digital integration and project delivery, PM Group was keen to further improve project-wide communication, proactively address onsite issues and, most importantly, drive down rework.

PM GROUP 9X ROI-Ground works

Request for inspection

AR inspections via the Atom were integrated with the Atom’s cloud platform and PM Group’s project management system, Autodesk BIM 360. This doubled the number of inspections on the project. However, thanks to the seamless interoperability of the software and the comparative ease of AR inspections, the extra project control did not come at the expense of increased pressure or time-demands on project teams.

Inspections were conducted throughout the project, from advanced coordination, through construction and beyond.

PM GROUP 9X ROI-Ground works2

Issue identified

The Atom proved especially useful in proactively identifying and addressing issues during pre-installation, as well as on the data center’s complex mechanical and electrical engineering works. Throughout the installation phase, the technology was used to make sure long-span equipment, such as walls or ductwork, stayed on course. Between the first deployment and just beyond the project’s halfway point, 489 early issues were identified and rectified before the added costs and delays were incurred.

XYZ Reality resolution

The Atom’s Engineering-Grade capabilities meant that operatives in the field were able to see the federated model onsite to millimetre accuracy. Because of this, contractors were able to stick to the design and build it right, first time. This brought benefits across all trades, as the project progressed without delays or exponential errors resulting from subsequent connective works on top of historic mistakes.

"Contractors were able to stick to the design and build it right, first time."

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Combining this technology with BIM 360 via the ARQ workflow brought major benefits. It meant that all stakeholders had instant visibility of project progress and allowed for tasks to be assigned to the responsible teams for remediation in real time. This cultivated a much more connected, collaborative and dynamic culture. Far from being seen as a tool to exert control over project teams, contractors viewed the tech as a means of empowerment to do their best work.

Finally, with real-time validation at every stage, huge time-savings have been unlocked at handover, as well as through the avoidance of time-consuming laser scanning, and reactive model updates.

The Result

Through the prevention of rework, PM Group saved on time and materials, as well as post-construction remediation. The company’s investment in the Atom delivered a 9x ROI, with 489 early issues identified and rectified, a three-to-six-month reduction in design as-built overheads, and an estimated saving of 20 days at handover.

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