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XYZ Reality Case Study

Preventing data center downtime

This case study demonstrates how the adoption of real-time project controls on a 30MW hyperscale European data center project uncovered the true reasons behind a substantial delay.



Project Value

Project Size (m2)

GC progress report
4 weeks behind schedule

XYZ progress report
14 weeks behind schedule

In mission critical construction, late handover is not an option, as it prevents owners from operating the asset, leading to everything from financial losses and reputational damage to everyone involved.  

This is underscored by the high cost of downtime in data centers, which is becoming increasingly significant; downtime costs are estimated at around $9,000 per minute, with larger organizations facing hundreds of thousands per hour. 

This case study demonstrates how the adoption of real-time project controls on a 30MW hyperscale European data center project uncovered the true reasons behind a substantial delay.

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This crucial insight was made possible using XYZ's advanced project controls, powered by Engineering Grade augmented reality™ (AR).

XYZ’s ground-breaking solution gives stakeholders an always-up-to-date picture of project completion at any point in time, showing planned vs. actual progress. This is a very powerful tool in ensuring that projects stay on track, enabling them to be delivered on time, every time.

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XYZ’s discovery of the actual delay

While the contractor reported a 4-week lag, attributing it to late OFCI equipment, XYZ’s analysis revealed a far more significant 14-week delay. This shifted the focus from equipment delay to the underperformance of the GC. 

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Immediate corrective action

Confronted with the irrefutable objective evidence provided by XYZ, the GC withdrew their extension of time (EOT) claim. Acknowledging the actual issues, they issued a new schedule to mitigate the delays, effectively demonstrating the power of precise data analysis in assuring projects stay on schedule. 

This significance is heightened in the context of the current construction landscape, marked by a surge in disputes. Notably, the US experienced a significant 42% increase in the average value of construction disputes in 2022, underscoring a growing trend in both the complexity and financial impact of these disputes. 

Maximizing efficiency and minimizing risks with data-driven insights

The undeniable data-driven insights were key in redefining the project’s trajectory, underscoring the critical role of objective, data-backed assessments in resolving project disputes and ensuring accountability in construction management.

The power of precision in project controls

real-time project controls for data center construction

XYZ’s project controls solution goes far beyond mere progress tracking; it offers a level of holistic insight that enables proactive construction management, reducing risk and ensuring accountability. ​​ 

This case serves as a powerful example of how accurate delay analysis and clear visibility into project progress can guide major construction projects back on track, ensuring efficiency and timeliness in execution. 

Additionally, this approach led to significant cost savings, as project stakeholders avoided $6 million in EOT costs and a further $3 million in liquidated damages

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XYZ have changed the way we work. These are insights we have just never had before. The detail is incredible with actual real-time information. It has eliminated guesswork from our entire process and empowered our teams. Now everyone can make informed decisions.

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