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Inspection case study

Precision in beam alignment: How XYZ Reality prevented costly structural errors

Steel beams serve as the backbone of construction. Any misalignment in their installation compromises a structure's integrity, making precision a non-negotiable factor.




Rework costs saved due to issue
being caught early 



3 days to the critical path and 4
additional progress days



Data Center

Mission Critical

30,328 m2

The critical tool in unmasking this error was the Atom™, XYZ Reality’s Engineering Grade AR™ headset, deployed by our experienced Field Application Engineer, which provided the accurate visualization necessary to identify the structural inaccuracies.

This case study provides an examination of a complex steel beam structure that was found to be misaligned during installation, a discovery which averted further construction complications in the subsequent processes. The inspection focused on the installation of a steel structure designed to support two layers of cladding. The installed horizontal beams were found to be inaccurately aligned in all axes, X, Y and Z. The Atom revealed these major discrepancies, including variances exceeding 100mm, a potentially severe deviation that would have had serious implications for the structural integrity and overall execution of the project.

Design Deviation

The significant deviations from the intended design would have inevitably led to a waste of time, money and resources in setting them back in axes. This was mainly due to the fact that the bolts would not fit in the installation of the subsequent steel elements. XYZ Reality’s ability to identify these errors early allowed adjustments to be made before further construction took place.

The Knock-on Effect

XYZ Reality’s discovery of the misalignment in the beams enabled the contractor to fix the issues, sparing costly rework and delayed schedules. It ensured that the subsequent work could be executed as planned, avoiding unnecessary adjustments and delays. The contractors attributed maximum significance to the Atom’s error detection capabilities, with our Field Application Engineer rating the impact of its intervention as a resolute 5 out of 5, indicating that XYZ’s contribution was of paramount importance.

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Cost Avoidance

Following the issue, XYZ reviewed a cost scenario assuming the survey had not taken place and the alignment errors were only discovered as the framework was erected:

The worst-case view predicted a potential remediation cost of over €11,000 and a programme time risk of additional 3 days to the critical path and 4 additional progress days.

Why is it Important to build it right, first time?

This case study reinforces the importance of ensuring that structures are built correctly the first time. Early detection of errors, made possible by the Atom, saves not only time, money and resources but also prevents potential safety risks that arise from structural misalignments.

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