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XYZ Reality Case Study

How an asset owner partnered with XYZ to get a 20MW data center on schedule

This case study explores how real-time project controls significantly altered the trajectory of a 20 megawatt colocation data center project in Europe.



Project Value

Project Size (m2)

GC progress report
32% complete

XYZ progress report
10% complete

Behind schedule
2 weeks

As the landscape of construction requirements undergoes rapid transformation, driven notably by the surge in artificial intelligence (AI) and the consequential boom in data center construction, an influx of new regulations and the relentless march of advanced technologies are reshaping the very fabric of how companies conceptualize and implement projects.

The era of relying on antiquated, manual, and paper-based processes for project management is undeniably obsolete. To navigate this evolving landscape successfully, project management demands a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline construction projects from conception through to execution.

This case study explores how real-time project controls significantly altered the trajectory of a 20 megawatt colocation data center project in Europe.

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The technology that enabled this transformation was XYZ’s groundbreaking project controls solution. By linking the project schedule to the 3D design model, it allowed our field application engineers (FAE) to conduct quality inspections and track up to 90% of construction activities right down to the most intricate details.

This not only empowers stakeholders to build with absolute precision and avoid installation clashes, but also provides a comprehensive view of a project’s progress at any time, enabling precise identification of their position on the critical path.

Datacenter 10 percent complete 1

XYZ’s discovery of the design deviation

In this particular case study, XYZ had been onsite for several weeks analyzing the project's progress. Its insight presented a stark contrast to the GC’s progress claims.

While the GC reported a 32% completion, XYZ's detailed data told a different story — only 10% completion with a 2-week lag behind schedule.

Datacenter 10 percent complete 4 no MEP 1

Immediate corrective action

Intervention was crucial in correcting the course of the project to ensure timely delivery and mitigate the risk of additional costs. Acknowledging XYZ’s accurate report, the GC immediately issued a new schedule to close the progress gap.

By uniting teams in a collaborative effort, this decisive action not only realigned the project with its original schedule but also highlighted the significance of precise real-time progress tracking in cost avoidance and dispute prevention.

Maximizing efficiency and
minimizing risks with
data-driven insights

Construction project managers spend up to 20% of their time calculating progress, a process that, due to its manual, outdated methodologies, is inherently subjective and inaccurate.

Moreover, traditional reality capture solutions only track 30-40% of construction activities. This simply doesn’t cut it for project managers who require project-wide insights. XYZ’s real-time progress tracking, however, captures up to 90% of the full scope of work.

Armed with complete visibility, transparency and no guesswork, construction teams can now work from objective, emotion-free data. This allows for elevated decision making, dramatically driving down project risks, as well as costs associated with schedule slippage.

The irrefutable insights presented in this example show how real-time data on planned versus actual installations enabled the project to get back on track and stay ahead of the critical path.

The power of Engineering Grade AR™-powered project controls

Project Controls

The transformative impact of real-time project controls in construction project management cannot be underestimated. By providing accurate, instant progress tracking and data-driven insights, the industry can benefit from informed decision-making and collaboration, ultimately ensuring project success.

Teams equipped with real-time project controls don’t need to revisit past work but rather can plan and advance future activities, fundamentally shifting the dynamics of project management towards a more forward-thinking and proactive approach.

The case study not only demonstrates the powerful ability of real-time project controls for risk mitigation and cost avoidance, but also emphasizes their critical role in achieving timely project delivery within the allocated budget.

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