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Inspection case study

​​Close call in the server room: Pinpointing and correcting rack misalignments

The precise installation of HAC (hot aisle containment) racks is crucial for optimizing airflow and cooling in data centers and to ensure efficient, reliable operations.




Cost avoidance estimate
for a worst case scenario




Data Center

Mission Critical

95,000 m2

This case study examines an incident in which flawed HAC rack installations were discovered thanks to XYZ’s the Atom™, the world's most accurate Engineering Grade augmented reality™ (AR) headset. Equipped with comprehensive project controls capabilities, the Atom was able to uncover these critical errors before significant potential structural and scheduling setbacks occurred.

Design Deviation

XYZ’s inspection focused on the HAC legs—vital components to support busbars and containment systems in data halls—discovering them to be misaligned with offsets and rotations. If left unaddressed, these deviations would have led to costly additional labor, material overruns and major delays.

Due to the Atom's early detection, immediate information was relayed to the contractor and onsite supervisors, enabling swift corrective action to be taken. This not only resolved the issue throughout the entire room, but also resulted in significant cost avoidance by preventing further complications. Tolerances around this area are crucial, and it is not unknown for the tolerance allowances to be tighter than is generally allowed in the relevant material specifications for construction. A conservative cost avoidance estimate for a worst-case scenario amounted to €159,680.

The knock-on effect

Prompt discovery and correction eliminated financial setbacks from rework and ensured that subsequent construction phases proceeded without delays or rescheduling, keeping the data center on track for timely handover.

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Cost Avoidance

The quick identification and correction of this issue, thanks to the Atom, enabled swift corrective action to be taken.

The worst-case view predicted a potential remediation cost of $159,680.

Why is it important to build it right, first time?

This case study underscores the critical importance of accurate installations in data centers, demonstrating how advanced technology can play a pivotal role in detecting errors early, avoiding costs, and ensuring the overall efficiency of a construction project.

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