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Inspection case study

Exposing a critical ventilation oversight (and fixing it)

Accuracy in construction is everything, particularly when building hyperscale data centers, with even small misalignments triggering a potential cascade of serious complications.




Rework costs saved due to issue
being caught early



1 critical day and 1 progress day saved from early discovery



Data Center

Mission Critical

6,542 m2

This case study illustrates how a ventilation system installation error can lead to far-reaching consequences.

The error was discovered by deploying XYZ’s groundbreaking headset the Atom™, powered by Engineering Grade augmented reality™ (AR).

Incorrect installation of the fan coil
Fan coil repositioned

Design Deviation

During a standard inspection, XYZ Reality discovered that a fan coil unit in the building's ventilation system was found to be installed 1.5 meters away from the designated position of the approved 3D model. We were able to determine that the error resulted from the subcontractor failing to refer to the design information provided by the contractor.

If undetected, this error would have caused major clashes with electrical tray installations. The issue might have been concealed by subsequent work, only revealing its full, disastrous impact later, when it was too late, necessitating costly rework, impacting the budget and schedule.

Immediate Corrective Action

Upon XYZ’s discovery of the misalignment, the error was quickly reported to the electrical subcontractor, who then escalated the issue to the main contractor. XYZ collaborated and discussed the issue with the teams and the necessary corrective action was taken to uninstall and reinstall the fan coil unit in its correct position, keeping the project on track and saving a substantial amount of money.

The Knock-on Effect

This incorrect installation emphasizes the intricate interplay in construction work and the potential ripple effect of errors. Thanks to early intervention, multiple teams were able to come together and coordinate the remediation of the error swiftly and efficiently. Importantly, if engineering grade AR had been deployed when pre-surveying the positions of the fan coil unit the error would not have occurred at all.

This proves once again the need for proactive solutions that can capture errors at the earliest convenience, or before they happen, to save time and money.

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Cost Avoidance

The quick identification and correction of this issue prevented not only additional costs that would have arisen from rework, but avoided the deviation from the critical path. 

The worst-case view predicted a potential remediation cost of over $2,670 and a programme time risk of additional 1 day to the critical path and 1 progress day.

Why is it important to build it right, first time?

Building it right the first time is crucial. In this case, timely intervention was key in enabling not only the maintenance of the project schedule but also in fostering team collaboration for efficient and timely project delivery.

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