Engineering Grade AR™

Millimeter Accurate Augmented Reality for construction


The world's most accurate augmented reality system

Atom - Engineering Grade AR

The Atom is a powerful, custom-built engineering tool combining a construction safety headset, augmented reality displays and in-built computing power.  With the Atom, construction teams can view and position holograms of 3D design models to millimeter accuracy onsite.

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Benefit from unrivaled precision onsite and position design models to millimeter accuracy. 


The Atom is safety certified with added protection and comfort built in.

BSI / ANSI Certified


Instantly view, load and interact with hyperscale 3D models anywhere onsite with zero lag.

Target Sync

Accuracy is

Atom's patented technology allows users to tap into the site coordinate system for absolute model positioning with 3 - 5 millimeter accuracy.

A more efficient way
of working

Issue management


Maximize site-wide transparency. Manage issues, assign tasks, update workflows, and share pictures and videos with your team. 

Immersive AR


Target specific layers of your model, and select elements to isolate them for inspection. Scale down and crop models for a new perspective.

Remote access to augmented reality


Collaborate and make decisions remotely by streaming directly into the Atom in real-time no matter where you are. 


No Connection? No Problem. The Atom is built to work offline. Simply sync data as soon as a connection is restored. 

How do we measure up
against other AR solutions?

Knowing that you are choosing the right tool for the job is important. That is exactly why XYZ's AR solution has been purpose-built for construction. Here's how we compare:


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The Atom is the most powerful augmented reality tool designed for construction. It can store and load complex models with speed and ease.

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Processing 50px


Intel i7 Quadcore processing power, ultrafast 1TB storage and 16GB RAM

Power 50px


Superior power performance for all day use out onsite

Optics 50px


Best-in-class optical displays with world-class field of view

Wifi 50px


Connect to WiFi, Bluetooth and peripheral devices

Frequently asked questions about Atom:

We use a fixed-based coordinate system that enables us to anchor the models in the exact position in which they have been designed to mm accuracy. These coordinate points are marked using reflective targets.

Hand gestures were tested initially when designing the Atom, however, using the controller enables us to precisely select and measure objects within the model. Hand gesture control is also not conducive to the construction environment as health and safety gloves need to be worn onsite in many countries as a requirement.

Models are directly exported from Revit, using the custom XYZ plugin. The Plug-in enables the user to directly export the model to the XYZ Platform and upon syncing Atom, the latest models will be downloaded from the cloud and stored in the headset - the models can then be used online or offline.

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Onsite Deployment

Realise the power of visualizing your designs

Deploying the power of XYZ solutions on your construction project couldn't be easier. Unleash the power of Engineering Grade AR™ on your site. 

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Field Engineers

No learning curve to gaining value

XYZ deploys experienced construction experts on your project delivering powerful return on investment from day one. 

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Get immediate access to insights

Realize the power of holograms in the field and enable actionable site wide insights across your construction projects. 


XYZ Reality is the future of what we want our construction projects to be.”

Raluca Bahnean, Project Manger, Mace

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