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Remove Barriers to Offsite Construction with XYZ Reality

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Achieve complete project transparency with Engineering Grade Augmented Reality™ (AR) offsite inspections!

Offsite construction is revolutionizing the construction industry, offering enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and reduced on-site disruption. However, many construction projects face barriers in achieving their full potential due to the limitations of traditional inspection methods. That's where XYZ Reality steps in with its ground-breaking Engineering Grade augmented reality™ (AR) solution for offsite inspections.

Recently, one of our experienced XYZ Field Application Engineers marked a historic milestone by conducting the very first offsite inspection for a project located in a different country. The focus was on the filling line equipment for a pharmaceutical project intended for cleanrooms, and the primary goal was to validate the actual dimensions of the equipment and compare them to the original design.

The results were nothing short of extraordinary. This inspection delivered a remarkable time-saving of 7 weeks, enabling us to provide precise dimensions for the on-site fabrication of the ceiling. The impact was felt across the project as it streamlined progress and ensured smooth execution.

This success story highlights the transformative potential of Engineering Grade AR for offsite inspections. By removing the geographical constraints and offering unparalleled project transparency, XYZ Reality is changing the game in construction.

Don't miss the chance to harness the power of Engineering Grade AR for your offsite inspections. Book a demo with us today and witness first-hand the future of construction: Join us in breaking down the barriers to offsite construction and embracing a new era of efficiency and precision.


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