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ZERO announces partnership with construction technology pioneers XYZ Reality

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Landmark campaign to radically reduce waste in construction, ZERO, collaborates with pioneering Augmented Reality (AR) company, XYZ Reality to drive sector sustainability.

ZERO, a new construction-led venture, established to meet Net Zero 2050 goals using advanced technology, announces cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) start-up XYZ Reality as a founding partner, to help deliver its ambitions to eliminate construction waste, and become a carbon neutral sector.

The announcement, made ahead of Digital Construction Week 2022 where both organizations will share a stand, emphasizes digital’s central role in driving down waste and increasing sustainability.

ZERO, founded in 2021, assembles a leading group of industry players, brought together by a common goal of improving construction’s green credentials and meeting official emissions targets. It recognizes that innovative software and hardware will be at the core of the journey towards achieving these objectives, supporting higher quality, more accurate construction in the process.

XYZ Reality, established in 2017, is one of the most exciting technology developers in the construction industry. The company has placed waste reduction and eliminating rework at the heart of its founding principles, making it an ideal partner for ZERO, and an active supporter of its aims.

Having recently launched its AR-integrated safety-certified headset, the Atom™, XYZ Reality has been able to put this commitment to a low waste, sustainable construction into practice. The Engineering Grade AR™ capabilities of the Atom, which has already been deployed across multiple construction sites in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, and the US, allows site personnel to work precisely onto the visualization, within millimeter precision.

Crucially, it’s starting to reduce the unpopular and wasteful rework phase, or remove it altogether, making massive savings and reducing the requirement for extra materials, energy, and manpower.

To date, XYZ Reality’s innovative technology has reduced rework activities from 30% to less than 1%, leading to a vast reduction in CO2 levels.

Commenting on the link-up, James Bowles and Johnathan Munkley, Co-Founder’s of ZERO say, “In the years ahead, our projects will come under ever tighter carbon restrictions and targets. Project teams will meet this challenge by using a wide range of solutions. All of which will add up to significant reductions in embodied carbon. Low carbon materials, carbon accounting, lean planning, smart construction methods, and new innovative technologies will increase in adoption.”

They continue, “XYZ Reality’s transformative device, the Atom, combined with their vision for projects is an outstanding example of an innovative new technology that reduces construction emissions. By overlaying the project model on the site, and allowing real-time verification, teams can virtually eliminate rework. With rework accounting for up to 5% of all CO2 emissions, this is a solution that ZERO absolutely loves.”

Outlining XYZ Reality’s decision to partner with ZERO, Founder & CEO David Mitchell says, “Reducing onsite waste has never been more important. As we all well know, delays caused by defects and errors result in considerable waste. ZERO will play an integral role in helping to increase awareness of how the sector can become more sustainable, and why digital technology will be crucial to meet our Net Zero 2050 targets as they draw closer. We look forward to working with our other founding partners, and the ZERO team to transform the future of construction.”

ZERO and XYZ Reality will be exhibiting on stand DB20 at Digital Construction Week, which takes place at ExCel London on 17 – 19 May 2022.

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Steph Blundell, PR & Communications Manager, XYZ Reality,