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Construction’s £37 Million Augmented Reality - A New Horizon

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Listen to the latest Bricks & Bytes podcast episode where our Founder & CEO, David Mitchell, discusses how XYZ Reality is revolutionizing the construction industry with cutting-edge augmented reality tools. Dive into how XYZ's innovative headsets are transforming job sites by seamlessly integrating real-life 3D models directly to workers, ensuring precise accuracy down to the millimeter and averting costly errors.

Listen in as David shares his ambitious vision to transform job sites worldwide with AR technology. Discover how XYZ's specialized headsets are already making a significant impact, preventing errors, facilitating real-time progress tracking on complex projects, and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • How XYZ's AR technology is propelling construction to unprecedented levels of efficiency and accuracy.
  • The significance of assembling the right team to achieve ambitious goals in the construction tech sector.
  • The expansive potential of AR to revolutionize not only the construction industry but also various other sectors.

Don't miss this enlightening conversation about the future of construction and the transformative power of augmented reality! Tune in now:


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