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Seamless onsite installations with Engineering Grade AR™

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Witness the future of construction unfold in our latest video, featuring the incredible precision of beam installations using XYZ Reality's revolutionary Atom™ headset.

In the construction industry, every detail matters, and precision is paramount. That's why we've harnessed the power of advanced technology to provide construction teams with an unparalleled tool – the Atom headset. With this cutting-edge device, aligning the structural model of columns and steel beams during installations becomes a seamless process.

Gone are the days of guesswork and costly errors. The Atom ensures accurate positioning and alignment, adhering diligently to the 3D designs, thus guaranteeing that what is designed becomes precisely what is built! Our Engineering Grade AR™ technology empowers teams to achieve remarkable accuracy, elevating the quality of onsite installations to new heights.

By incorporating Engineering Grade AR into installations, we revolutionize project management on construction sites. The benefits are numerous and impactful. First and foremost, we eliminate guesswork, leaving no room for error. This reduction in errors alone saves time and money, translating to increased productivity and improved project timelines.

Additionally, our technology eliminates the need for costly reactive tools like laser scanning and reality capture solutions. With XYZ Reality, teams have access to real-time, accurate information, streamlining the entire installation process.

Are you ready to witness the future of onsite installations first-hand? Book a demo today and discover the endless possibilities with Engineering Grade AR:


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