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Load, View, and Interact with Hyperscale Models

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In the world of augmented reality, where innovation knows no bounds, the Atom™ emerges as a true game-changer. Say goodbye to the days of sluggish loading and limited interaction with models, and hello to a new era of seamless, immersive experiences. Engineering Grade AR™ is here to revolutionize how we perceive and interact with hyperscale models.

One of the Atom's most remarkable features is its ability to effortlessly handle the loading of federated, hyperscale models. With its cutting-edge Engineering Grade AR technology, the Atom achieves the seemingly impossible. The loading speed is seamless, as complex and detailed models come to life right before your eyes.

Gone are the days of frustrating drift or lag that used to hinder your AR experience. The Atom ensures flawless execution, allowing you to focus entirely on exploring and interacting with the models. With the Atom, you'll be able to navigate through these expansive models effortlessly, almost as if you're physically present within them.

The true magic of the Atom lies in its ability to let you interact with the models on an entirely new level. You're not just a passive viewer; you hold the reins of control. Whether you wish to zoom in to examine intricate details or zoom out to view the model in its entirety, the Atom grants you the power to do so with ease. Need to focus on specific areas? No problem. Section the model and explore the minute details with utmost precision.

If you're excited about the future of AR and can't wait to unlock the full potential of hyperscale models, then the Atom is the perfect tool for you. Experience the effortless loading, viewing, and interaction with these models - a glimpse into what the future holds for augmented reality.

Don't just take our word for it, book a demo now and witness the future of AR with the Atom first-hand:


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