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Deploying Engineering Grade AR to accurately install chambers

XYZ Reality’s field application engineer (FAE) deployed the Atom™ to perform pre and during-installation inspections on chamber MC-C-43.


The pre-installation inspection verified the position of the surface water pipe and the set out marks for the chamber.


The XYZ FAE was present as the chamber was installed. Immediately comparing the BIM Model to the installation helped the team identify a number of issues:

  1. The chamber had been fabricated with a base plate contrary to the design in the BIM Model. We instantly identified a clash with the surface water pipe to be installed.
  2. Due to the addition of the base plate, the chamber now had a different height than what had been designed.
  3. The inlets and outlets had also been fabricated in the wrong position.


XYZ Reality identified the issues before there was an impact on the installations on and around the chamber. Identifying the issue early on enabled the contractors to review their coordination design models, ensuring that any necessary changes to the chambers could be made prior to shipment from the factory.

Chamber Install Step 1
Chamber Install Step 2