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3.1 inches off: The Costly Mistakes of Base Plate Installation in Construction

During a construction project, the installation of base plates is a critical step in ensuring the stability and accuracy of the structure. A simple mistake of installing a base plate 3.1 inches (8cm) out of its position can cause significant problems for the entire project.

In this case, the construction team encountered an out of tolerance base plate installation, which was not discovered until after the concrete had been poured. The civil engineer on site immediately called in the surveyor to confirm the discrepancy discovered by the Atom with a Total Station. The surveyor explained that he had assumed the base plate was in the correct position as he was tired and had already checked over 30 other base plates.

Costly Mistakes of Base Plate Installation - Step 1
Costly Mistakes of Base Plate Installation - Step 2
Costly Mistakes of Base Plate Installation - Step 3
Costly Mistakes of Base Plate Installation - Step 4

The mistake had far-reaching consequences, as it would have impacted the stability of the entire structure and could have led to delays and additional costs to fix the issue. The incident highlights the importance of proactively checking tolerances during construction, even when workers are tired or pressed for time.

Due to the impact on the alignment of the steel framing and walls, the structural and architectural models had to be redesigned. This redesign resulted in a delay in the construction plan and incurred significant costs to rectify the issue.

In conclusion, this case study emphasizes the importance of checking tolerances during construction projects to ensure the accuracy and stability of the structure. It also highlights the need for effective communication between the different teams involved in the project to prevent mistakes and miscommunication.