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How it works

XYZ Cloud works independently as a building information management platform or it can seamlessly integrate the Atom’s on-site capabilities with your current provider.

Teams on-site and in the office can instantly share accurate, up-to-date data between the two systems putting workflow management at your fingertips like never before and radically improve productivity.

Simply export your Revit model and upload it to the XYZ Cloud and you are ready to deploy. 
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How it works - Cloud model

What is The cloud?

XYZ Cloud is a stand alone construction management solution that acts as a
building information management tool, but can also integrate with various BIM software's. The cloud is
the link between the Atom and site management tools and allows users to sync site and office data instantly.

Cloud 1
XYZ can act as a stand alone BIM solution, allowing site and office teams to work in collaboration like never before, increasing productivity, improving quality and ensuring project delivery.
Cloud 1
Unlock the power of collaboration with XYZ Clouds seamless integration into project wide BIM workflows. Bring data integrity and transparency into a new era with real-time on-site integrations and syncing.
Cloud 1
Benefit from the Atom’s on-site Engineering-Grade capabilities across the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform with two way data flows between the XYZ cloud and BIM360.

Deploying the
atom onsite

We will send one of our expert onsite specialists to manage the deployment of our solution. From start to finish, XYZ will be onsite with you.
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Field Application
XYZ sends one of our fully trained onsite specialists to manage the deployment of the required solution. We will engage with project teams from start to finish. Delivering value to clients from day one.
Never compromise on accuracy. The Atom’s patented technology taps into the site coordinate system, giving the user absolute positioning and confidence that the model you are viewing is to millimetre accuracy.
You can load and view all layers of your hyperscale federated 3D model, onsite to precise locations, with a capacity to load 16GB model sizes.
“It is a gamechanger.
It helps us build safer and faster.”
Paschal McErlean ,Construction Manager, PM Group

Engineering-grade Augmented Reality

It's simple... deploy the Atom on-site and get immediate return on investment across all stages of your construction project.

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Take a proactive approach to your construction project. Set out works or identify, and resolve clashes in the field before construction begins.


Verify and validate works in real-time during installation mitigating errors and avoiding rework to build it right, first time.


Add a new layer of quality control across your site. Sign-off works with confidence and de-risk project handover.

How does XYZ compare
against other technologies?

Using XYZ's services as a setting out and validation tool for completion and build quality at different stages of the build can save you time and money.
How does our service compare against some of the more traditional methods?

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Unlock the
Power of collaboration

The Atom is the most powerful Engineering-Grade Augmented Reality tool available with in built,<br> untethered processing power to manage the most demanding of hyperscale BIM requirements.

Desktop view-1
IMages synced to BIM
Advanced coordination
Office to site

Workflow Management

Check, track and manage workflows, assign tasks and provide live information in the form of images, notes, and videos to precise locations on-site.

Real-time Data

Improve data visibility and take control of project information in real-time. Remove data lag, increase transparency and ensure your teams are using the most accurate information available to them.

Advanced coordination

Ensure project success and improve productivity by harnessing advanced communication and collaboration at every stage of the build process.

Office to site

No matter where you are on site, receive the most up to date project information, design changes and inspection requests from the office.

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